Account Settings

Managing preferences

How to manage your account profile

Toggle to the My Profile section of the Account Settings page. You’ll see your Apple ID and what role and accounts you have access to within the account. You can also choose to opt in to Search Ads emails from this page.

If you are an admin of the account, you’ll also see additional sections in the Account Settings page.

How to change your login and contact info
Your contact information and login email address cannot be changed within Search Ads, because they are tied to your Apple ID. You can make changes here.

Invite users

Inviting clients or other team members to your Search Ads account

Here’s how to invite other users to your account, or to one or more account groups:

  1. Navigate to the User Management section of your Account Settings page.
  2. Click on Invite User.
  3. Provide the name and Apple ID of the person you want to share your account with.
  4. Specify the user's access by granting them a role to the whole account or on one or more campaign groups.

The invitee is then sent an email explaining they have been invited to a Search Ads account. To accept the invitation, they will have to log in with the same Apple ID that the invite was sent to.

Understanding user roles

Each role governs what a user may see or do in the account (or in a specific campaign group).

User capabilities depend on the role assigned:

Structuring accounts

How to structure your Search Ads accounts

The account structure you use to manage campaigns depends on your need for user access and permissions.

So if you manage a handful of campaigns and don’t need to assign different levels of access or user permissions across them, you can easily create and manage your campaigns under your Search Ads account.

For example:

If you’re an agency who manages Search Ads for multiple clients, or if you need to restrict user access to a subset of your campaigns, then create campaign groups under your account and and manage each set of campaigns in a different campaign group.

For example:

The account should be set up by the legal entity that is billed for all Search Ads campaigns (and campaign groups) in that account. Note: if you are qualified to be billed by monthly invoicing, your line of credit will be associated with your account.

Adding campaign groups

Campaign groups are created and managed in the Account Management section of your Account Settings page. When creating a campaign group, you may either enter your client's information or use the information from your account.

  • Go to the Account Management section of your Search Ads account page.
  • Look for the Create a Campaign Group button directly above your list of accounts.
  • Click the button to go to the Create Campaign Group page, and enter the requested information. (You can also use your account information to populate these fields.)

When NOT to create a campaign group.

If you’re an agency, don’t create an account group if:

  • Your client wants to own their own account or be billed directly.
  • Your client needs to link their Search Ads accounts to their iTunes Connect accounts for audience targeting purposes.
In the above cases, your client should create their own Search Ads accounts and invite you as a user to their Search Ads accounts (or campaign group).