Simple Setup.

Search Ads was designed to be smart, effortless and flexible for small and independent developers. You can invest as much or as little time as you have and still get results.

Get started

Tell us about your app.

Search Ads creates your ads using the metadata and imagery from your App Store listing, while the default Search Match feature automatically matches your ad to relevant searches in the App Store.

Set your budget.

There’s no minimum spend to advertise with Search Ads. Define your budget and a maximum daily cap to control your spend over time. Then, set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a tap on your ad.

Add payment information.

You can bid and pay in U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, or Australian dollar, British pound, and euro. We accept payment via all major credit cards.

Customize with advanced features.

Search Ads offers optional advanced features to allow you greater control over your campaigns and the audience who will see your ads.

Select iPhone or iPad.

While the default is to show your ads to users of both iPhone and iPad, you can choose to show your ads on only one device type.

Add keywords.

Add your own keywords, or select relevant suggestions from Search Ads. The relative search term popularity index helps you determine the most important keywords for promoting your app.

Schedule your ads.

You can schedule your campaigns to start and stop on specific dates, or show only on specific days of the week or times of the day.

Refine your audience.

Search Ads defaults to show your ads only to potential new customers. However, you can choose to show your ads to everyone, or to existing customers or downloaders of other apps you own. You can also refine your audience by gender, age, or show your ads only to devices in the geographic area your business serves.

Costs you control.

There’s no minimum spend to advertise with Search Ads so you can invest as much or as little as you want. Pricing is a cost-per-tap model, so you only pay when a user taps on your ad.

Price assurance.

You determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a tap on your ad. Using a second price auction, Search Ads calculates the actual cost of a tap based on what your nearest competitor is willing to pay for a tap on their ad, up to your maximum cost-per-tap bid, so you’ll always pay a fair market price.

Maximum daily spend cap.

You have the option to apply a maximum daily spend cap for greater control over how your campaign budget is spent over time. Once you reach your daily budget, your ads will stop appearing for that day, but will restart the next day, until your campaign level budget is depleted.

Insights for action.

Search Ads reporting view provides rich data about your campaign performance and trends across all your key metrics, so you can see what’s working, and what you may need to adjust to meet your goals.

The Search Ads Attribution API completes the picture, giving a view into the keywords and audience criteria bringing you the most valuable customers over time. Add the simple code to your app to access these advanced insights.

Relevance rewarded.

The combination of your app’s relevance to the search query and the amount of your bid will determine whether your ad will be the one shown.

Metadata matters.

Thoughtfully craft your app titles, descriptions and metadata with highly appropriate keywords to improve your relevance for Search Ads.

Customers know best.

User response is an important signal of ad relevance. If customers don’t tap on an ad, Search Ads will stop showing it to them.

A private and safe user experience.

Search Ads adheres to Apple’s privacy standards by respecting user privacy and ensuring only relevant and appropriate ads are shown.

Safe and transparent.

Only the same content approved to be in the App Store can be promoted in Search Ads. Ads will have an “Ad” mark and light blue background so users can identify them as paid placements.

No data sharing.

No individual user data is exposed to advertisers, only aggregate campaign delivery information is made available.

No user tracking.

Search Ads does not profile users based on their search queries, and no data from other Apple Apps — including Health, Apple Pay and HomeKit — is used to deliver ads.

Minors protected.

No ads will be shown to users whose Apple ID is registered to a minor age 13 or under, or whose account is registered as a Managed Apple ID.