Dote re-engages customers
and improves return on investment.

Search Ads helps shopping app recapture lapsed users
and drive conversion rates of 66 percent.


  • Increase app discoverability.
  • Drive strong return on investment.
  • Recapture former customers.


  • Structure account to drive performance.
  • Actively optimize campaigns.
  • Re-engage customers with campaign for lapsed users of the app.


  • Search Ads is the top performing advertising platform for return on investment.
  • Lapsed customers acquired through Search Ads have conversion rates of 66 percent.

Dote attracts more valuable customers.

Growing up in Alaska, Lauren Farleigh, Co-Founder and CEO of Dote, had limited access to retail stores and became an early adopter of e-commerce. In 2014, Farleigh combined her passion for fashion with professional experience in mobile gaming to develop Dote. The free shopping app is a “virtual mall” that curates sales from leading brands, bringing content and commerce together in a mobile experience centered around shoppers. To grow its customer base, the app wanted to improve visibility with women in their early 20s, the Generation Z demographic driving most new consumer trends on social media.

“Growth is a struggle for any company, particularly one that is app based. Downloading an app can be a really big barrier. I think that’s why so many apps struggle to acquire users,” says Farleigh. “It’s critical to find channels where you can attract quality shoppers that can get over the hurdle of installing an app.”

Invest to drive quality downloads.

Dote initially tested Search Ads to increase app discoverability and quickly found that it outperformed all other advertising channels. Search Ads is now the app’s only paid advertising platform for customer acquisition, delivering low average cost per acquisition and helping scale Dote’s growth.

“What makes Search Ads so effective and efficient is the engaged audience. The Search Ads customer is already in the headspace to install an app. They are searching on the App Store for brands and for products they want to purchase. Searching means high intent. Getting in front of users searching on the App Store for relevant keywords has been really powerful,” shares Farleigh. Customers acquired through Search Ads are also more valuable: They have 20 percent higher lifetime value than users who download the app organically.

Re-introduce your app.

Farleigh acknowledges the “home-grown” app she launched four years ago is very different from the more dynamic Dote of today. That’s why Dote created a campaign focused on returning users, hoping to re-engage people who had previously downloaded the app. The campaign, which included ad groups structured by keyword themes (brand, competitor, and generic) exceeded all expectations.

“Search Ads changed how we view lapsed users and the valuable opportunity they represent. Our redownload campaign drove above average conversion rates of 66 percent,” says Farleigh. “We learned churning in an app isn’t synonymous with a low-quality user. In fact, those initial users may actually be more relevant users for us today.”

Search Ads changed how we view lapsed users and the valuable opportunity they represent.

Lauren Farleigh, Dote

Company Snapshot

  • Dote Inc.
  • Shopping category
  • Founded in 2014
  • Based in San Francisco, CA, USA
  • App Store rating of 4+
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