Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer maximizes user growth during key holidays.

Photo and video app drives 140 percent growth in new users, capitalizing on seasonality and lifting conversion rates by improving ad relevancy with Creative Sets.


  • Grow app visibility.
  • Increase new user base in multiple countries.


  • Optimize account structure to discover new keywords and improve performance.
  • Test more ad variations during a seasonal spike in app interest.


  • Increased downloads by as much as 140 percent month-over-month.1
  • Drove above average conversion rates compared to other paid channels, reaching as high as 80 percent.2
  • Increased conversion rates by 6 percent with Creative Sets.2

Pic Jointer increases downloads with record conversions.

Based in Italy, Bending Spoons is the developer behind Pic Jointer, an app that helps users create unique photo collages with their favorite photos, customize layout, and add fun stickers. The app, available for iPhone and iPad, can be used for free initially and by subscription after the trial period. With users across North America and Europe, Pic Jointer is offered in English but can easily be used by non-English speakers thanks to an intuitive interface.

“Our key goal was to scale new user acquisition across key markets. Search Ads was a natural choice because we wanted to give Pic Jointer added visibility with people actively searching for apps like ours,” says Petar Trendafilov, Mobile Marketing Manager at Bending Spoons. “We were looking to generate high quality downloads by focusing on the most relevant keywords and then convert engaged users from download to purchase.”

Optimize for relevancy to drive results.

As data-driven marketers, Bending Spoons has strong knowledge about what keywords are highly relevant for Pic Jointer. With Search Ads, they actively try to understand which keywords drive the strongest return, increase investment on top performers, and focus on scaling that performance. To uncover new relevant or trending search terms, Pic Jointer creates discovery campaigns using Search Match and Broad Match.

“Search Ads helps you drive discoverability with people who are coming to the App Store with strong intent. They are searching for specific keywords; they have specific needs. That type of intent is something you can’t find on any other advertising platform. Search Ads is unique because it can drive strong acquisition results as well as high quality users,” believes Trendafilov.

With Search Ads, Pic Jointer has seen month-over-month download growth reaching 140 percent and conversion rates from tap to download as high as 80 percent for new users.

Invest in app promotions to complement organic growth.

In addition to exceeding expectations for new user acquisition, Pic Jointer finds Search Ads positively affect app rankings, which in turn boosts organic downloads. During seasonal surges, Pic Jointer sees the positive impact that Search Ads has on incremental organic growth only increases.

“During one particular week, we increased spend and saw total downloads from Search Ads in the U.S. increase by 2,300 percent. This correlated with a simultaneous increase in our U.S. rankings on the App Store,” shares Trendafilov. “Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, we understand that investing in Search Ads positively complements organic downloads. It’s the ad platform where we see investing in app promotions has a great impact on organic efforts.”

Test ad creative for stronger seasonal results.

Downloads of Pic Jointer remain fairly stable throughout the year, but holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have driven surprise spikes in demand and usage. In response, the app has started to set a higher monthly budget to effortlessly capitalize on increased interest during unexpected surges. “We don’t manage bidding in real time so we are now always prepared to spend more during holiday periods. We also prepare additional keywords and use Search Match so we capture traffic from new relevant keywords that may arise,” says Trendafilov.

During the Fourth of July holiday, Pic Jointer also decided to use Creative Sets, a Search Ads Advanced feature that gives marketers the ability to create different ads using any of the screenshots or previews from their App Store product page. Pic Jointer wanted to see what impact showing different ad variations aligned to keyword themes would have on conversions. To increase relevance for users on the App Store, Pic Jointer incorporated American flag imagery into some of the screenshots on their product page to leverage in Creative Sets.

“Combining seasonality and Creatives Sets was an effective way to optimize performance. We were able to improve conversions by 6 percent because we presented users with combinations of screenshots that were more relevant for the season and for the specific searches they performed. I think Creative Sets is a great tool for optimizing specific keyword campaign performance and we’re excited to unlock stronger conversion rates across more storefronts,” believes Trendafilov.

Search Ads positively complements organic downloads. It’s the ad platform where we see investing in paid has a great impact on organic efforts.

Petar Trendafilov, Bending Spoons

Company Snapshot

  • Bending Spoons
  • Founded in 2013
  • Based in Milan, Italy
  • 65 employees
  • bendingspoons.com
  • App Store rating: 4+
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