Ash Tale

Winning more players
in new markets.

For a new game, standing out in a crowded category takes strategy and scale. See how Apple Search Ads helped Ash Tale drive 4x more installs and 2.5x more conversions.

The Results

4X increase in installs with Apple Search Ads within four months.
2.5X more conversions with Apple Search Ads than any other similar ad platform in Asia.
10% higher retention rates and 20 per cent higher lifetime value from Apple Search Ads customers.

The Challenge

With its distinctive fantasy graphics, role-playing game Ash Tale was designed to stand out in a competitive field. X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN K.K. wanted to attract a broader fanbase beyond traditional players of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), especially female gamers. The team needed to increase app discovery across diverse markets including Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and Taiwan – quickly and with a tight budget.

Apple Search Ads is our top customer acquisition tool for reaching iOS users across key markets.

Kenbun Chen,

The Solution

Drive performance with keyword optimisation.

Ash Tale created brand and competitor keyword campaigns to capture interest from searches on brand-specific terms as well as similar apps in the Games category. The surprisingly strong volume of conversions from category keyword campaigns helped Ash Tale uncover new, highly relevant terms and optimise performance quickly. Within four months, Ash Tale increased installs by 4x with Apple Search Ads.

“Our Apple Search Ads results were amazing and completely incremental to the strong organic growth during the same time period. It was easy to manage multiple campaigns as well as test creative highlighting our unique playful graphics,” said Miku Mimuro, Promotions Coordinator.

Reach as many potential customers as possible.

To improve visibility with the widest audience, the team at Ash Tale did not apply any audience refinements to its Apple Search Ads campaigns. With this approach, they were able to serve their ads to searches made by all users, including those with the Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) setting enabled. Ash Tale saw a 50 per cent increase in installs by including this audience.

Apple Search Ads quickly became Ash Tale’s top performing acquisition platform, driving 2.5x more conversions (app opens). Additionally, players acquired through Apple Search Ads had 10 per cent higher retention rates and 20 per cent higher lifetime value than gamers from other ad platforms in Asia.

Company snapshot

  • Games category
  • Launched in 2019
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan