Bricks Breaker Quest

A game plan
for global growth.

Increasing visibility for a game around the world meant testing quickly and tailoring details to each market. See how Mobirix invested exclusively in Apple Search Ads, increasing overall downloads by over 10x in 18 months.

The Results

9X increase in downloads in the US, and more than 10x increase in overall downloads in the UK, France and Germany within 18 months.
90% of players acquired with Apple Search Ads were from outside South Korea.
15% higher return on spend compared to other similar ad platforms.
7% higher retention (14 days) for players acquired from Apple Search Ads after launch compared to similar ad platforms.

The Challenge

For the launch of its puzzle game Bricks Breaker Quest, Mobirix needed to scale app visibility beyond South Korea to a global audience, while also maintaining strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

We centred our entire marketing strategy around Apple Search Ads and easily scaled revenue globally because customer intent is so strong.

Sanghyeog Kim,
CTO, Mobirix

The Solution

Invest at the top of App Store results.

To maximise iOS user acquisition, Mobirix invested exclusively in Apple Search Ads in all 60 available countries and regions for the launch. This enabled Mobirix to quickly test new markets, analyse performance, discover how to localise their strategy and optimise for efficiency. The focused investment paid off: 50 per cent of revenue on iOS for Bricks Breaker Quest can be attributed to Apple Search Ads.

Optimise performance with key insights.

In each market, Mobirix started with broad match and Search Match ad groups to increase impressions and discover high-performing search terms. These insights meant the most effective keywords could be added as exact match and helped to increase ROAS. Mobirix actively monitored campaign performance and adjusted bids to maximise impressions while improving cost per acquisition.

Amplify reach to capture customer intent.

The team at Mobirix did not apply any audience refinements to their Apple Search Ads campaigns in any market, helping them reach the widest audience and serve their ads to searches made by all users, including those with the Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) setting enabled. By also including re-downloads, they were able to re-enage players who had already shown interest in their games. This strategy helped them reach more casual gamers, attracting a global audience that mirrored the quality of organic downloads.

Company snapshot

  • Mobirix
  • Games category
  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in Seoul, South Korea