Montessori Preschool

Kids ace the basics.
Montessori Preschool
increases subscribers.

Montessori Preschool helps young children learn to read, count and even code. With Apple Search Ads, the education app gained keyword insights to drive new market expansion, scale conversions and grow subscriptions by 100 per cent year-on-year.

The Results

100% global subscriber growth year-on-year.
80% of downloads in new markets driven by Apple Search Ads.
60% increase in annual subscriptions.
No.1 platform for conversion rate (10%).

The Challenge

Every time the Montessori Preschool app was adapted and translated into additional languages, it was critical to enter newly available markets quickly. But understanding cultural and educational nuances often proved difficult. To scale subscriber growth efficiently, the app’s developer, Edoki, needed to tailor a strategy for each market and reach the right prospects – parents on the App Store searching for fun, child-centred apps.

Apple Search Ads drives the best acquisition results. It helps us understand new markets quickly, increase our customer base and drive more valuable subscriptions.

Chloe Jobert,
acquisition manager at Edoki

The Solution

Scale growth with a localised keyword strategy.

The Edoki team set up separate Apple Search Ads campaigns for each new market they entered. A discovery campaign with Search Match helped find new, relevant search terms specific to a country or region. To further scale reach, campaigns were aligned with themes focused on brand, competitive and category keywords, such as similar education and popular children’s entertainment apps.

“We always localise our keyword strategy, even if the same language is spoken in two markets,” says Chloe Jobert, acquisition manager at Edoki. “Search Match generates different, localised terms by country or region, and this is invaluable for us to understand new markets.”

Drive conversions by optimising bids based on performance.

To drive efficiency, the Edoki team closely monitored Apple Search Ads campaigns at the keyword level, then optimised based on performance. By moving the search terms generating the best conversion rates into Exact Match and adjusting bids, they were able to maximise impressions. Custom reports helped the team better understand insights, such as share of voice and conversions by device, which informed optimisation.

“With Apple Search Ads, we can easily optimise based on the keywords that work best for our app in each market,” says Jobert. “Conversion insights also help us establish our App Store product page strategy in new countries.“

Invest to capitalise on seasonality.

Heading into the pivotal back-to-school season, the team at Edoki prepared for spikes in interest on the App Store. New seasonal keywords, such as home-schooling, language learning and spelling games, were added to their Apple Search Ads campaigns, helping them reach engaged prospects ready to take action. By increasing bidding on top-performing search terms, they captured strong seasonal intent and improved efficiency.

“New subscribers acquired through Apple Search Ads are more likely to convert, and they also have higher lifetime value. Apple Search Ads not only drives our global expansion but also improves the quality of our overall customer base,” says Jobert.

Company snapshot

  • Edoki
  • Education category
  • Launched in 2017
  • Based in Paris, France