Omio grows revenue in new markets.

Apple Search Ads drives strongest customer acquisition and
re‑engagement results for expanding travel app.


  • Increase visibility in new markets.
  • Grow customer base and complement organic growth.
  • Educate existing customers about broader app offering.


  • Leverage Apple Search Ads API to scale in new markets.
  • Localise keyword and bidding strategies by country.
  • Re-engage returning users.


  • Apple Search Ads became Omio’s top performing advertising platform, driving 30 per cent higher revenue per user than any other platform.
  • Omio’s revenue is 3x higher from returning users through Apple Search Ads compared to those re‑engaged through other paid channels.

Omio rebrands and expands
into new markets.

Omio is a one-step booking platform that allows travellers to save time and money by finding the best travel options by train, bus and flight. Initially focused on Europe under the name GoEuro, the app rebranded to reflect growing coverage worldwide. Omio now helps 27 million monthly users connect with more than 800 travel partners to reach over 100,000 destinations.

Omio started running Apple Search Ads in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the United States. The team at Omio expanded campaigns into more markets including Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and Singapore. Omio wanted to raise visibility with new travellers in its newly available markets as well as reposition its broader offering to returning customers.

“Apple Search Ads is the best paid channel for app discovery. With our new focus on international expansion, we knew it would also be the ideal platform to quickly gain worldwide marketing coverage as well as real-time insights into new markets,” says Giacomo Melandri, Mobile Marketing Manager at Omio.

Scale keyword optimisation with automation.

With a small marketing team and big expansion goals, Omio invested in automation early to help scale campaign creation and optimisation. The team leveraged the Apple Search Ads API to develop their own campaign management platform. Omio uses this in-house keyword tool alongside Search Match to discover new keywords, competitors and potential partners in each country it enters.

“Apple Search Ads helps us quickly launch and scale in new markets, often gaining a first mover advantage. We can analyse user level data by keyword in real time and optimise to drive sustainable growth by market. With Apple Search Ads, we quickly understand what keywords correlate with the strongest user intent and optimise to drive the best long-term value,” says Eugenio Fasano, SEM Manager at Omio.

Omio has pre-defined terms that consistently perform well across countries and uses these keywords in ad groups with Exact Match to drive efficiency. However, in new markets, Apple Search Ads helps Omio discover not only language but seasonality nuances. By tracking when exactly travel searches rise and fall on the App Store during peak summer and end-of-year holidays, Omio can localise its keyword and bidding strategy to capitalise on country-specific seasonal spikes of interest.

“Apple Search Ads is our top performing platform, delivering 30 per cent higher revenue per user than any other platform. Apple Search Ads drives a 2x better customer acquisition rate than any other paid channels,” says Fasano.

Complement organic growth.

Since its latest expansion into new markets with Apple Search Ads, Omio saw its rankings on the App Store increase. Omio also gained incremental organic downloads, augmenting growth in new markets with Apple Search Ads. “Apple Search Ads definitely complements our overall growth strategy on the App Store. We saw massive organic growth after running Apple Search Ads with a 2x increase in installs after Apple Search Ads scaled in our core markets,” says Melandri.

“For our app, building trust with travellers is crucial. Apple Search Ads allows us to better showcase our product and instantly capture user intent. With our App Store creative assets, we can spotlight app features or reinforce value propositions aligned directly to user searches. This helps drive powerful growth with more valuable leads,” adds Melandri.

Re-engage with expanded offering.

Re-engaging previous customers has been a top priority as Omio expanded its travel offerings around the globe. The redownload campaigns include ad groups structured by top performing keyword themes and highlight unique capabilities in key markets.

“By engaging the right users with the right value proposition, Omio is able to re-engage users that are more likely to convert. On average, revenue is 3x higher from returning users through Apple Search Ads compared to those re-engaged through other paid channels. Plus, we have found that, on average, each returning user reacquired through Apple Search Ads brings 100 per cent higher value than a user from any another paid channel,” says Fasano.

Omio plans to continue increasing investment in Apple Search Ads to improve retention and scale expansion across the globe. “Apple Search Ads is not only our best result-oriented platform for acquisition and re-engagement; it also provides insights that fundamentally inform our business across many teams. It offers growth that scales and valuable lessons that we can replicate across channels,” says Melandri.

Apple Search Ads helps us quickly launch and scale in new markets, often gaining a first mover advantage.

Eugenio Fasano, Omio

Company snapshot

  • Omio
  • Travel category
  • Founded in 2013
  • Based in Berlin, Germany
  • App Store rating of 4+