Pictarine improves visibility to drive in‑store traffic.

Photo app leverages Search Ads as the primary platform to grow its customer base and drive conversion rates of 50 per cent.


  • Increase app visibility.
  • Improve quality of new user acquisition.


  • Structure account to drive brand and performance goals.
  • Capitalise on increased search volume during seasonal periods.
  • Integrate the Search Ads Attribution API to track app downloads.


  • Search Ads performed better than all other advertising platforms.
  • Search Ads users have a 50 per cent conversion rate – higher than any other platform.

Pictarine scales growth
easily and efficiently.

Launched in 2014, Pictarine is a photo app that allows users to print pictures at partnering Walgreens stores within an hour. Based in France, Pictarine wanted a cost-efficient, simple way to improve app discoverability and scale user acquisition in the United States.

“Even though we have a partnership with a large retailer, Pictarine has a small team of 15 people in France. We needed to find a platform that could deliver strong return on investment because we can’t afford to lose money or time,” shares Guillaume Martin, CEO and Co-founder of Pictarine.

Focus on relevancy to reach scale.

With Search Ads brand campaigns, Pictarine captures user searches related to its own company and app name. Generic campaigns with exact match capture broader Utilities category searches by users on the App Store looking to get pictures printed quickly in store.

“We tested many partners but nothing compared to the Search Ads performance. It is now the only acquisition platform we use for iOS. We have found that the quality of traffic that Search Ads delivers is better than organic traffic and conversion rates – the percentage of users that go to a store and pay for a print – is 50 per cent. That’s higher than any other platform was able to deliver,” says Martin.

Invest to capture seasonal interest.

During holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas when demand for photo apps rise and people print pictures as gifts, Pictarine is prepared to capitalise on increased search volume on the App Store. The team at Pictarine has incorporated relevant seasonal keywords to generic campaigns and increases daily caps to be more competitive on key days. Pictarine sees the volume of downloads from Search Ads generally increase by as much as 4x during these seasonal spikes in interest.

“Search Ads is unique because it’s the only way to be featured at the top of relevant search results on the App Store. It’s the perfect experience to increase visibility during our busiest seasons when people are searching for an app like ours,” believes Martin.

Optimise performance with insights.

To track and attribute app downloads, Pictarine integrated the Search Ads Attribution API directly. The app enjoys no longer having to rely on a third party and the related cost savings. The app can now easily understand the value of different customer groups over time and the keywords that drove their conversion.

“The attribution API from Search Ads offers reliable performance insights. Now we know in real time if a download is a new user or a redownload. We can optimise our bids based on the value over time of downloads driven by specific keywords or by a certain audience type. It’s a huge benefit to be able to understand performance with that level of detail,” says Martin.

We tested many partners but nothing compared to the Search Ads performance. It is now the only acquisition platform we use for iOS.

Guillaume Martin, Pictarine

Company snapshot

  • Pictarine Inc.
  • Utilities category
  • Founded in 2012
  • Based in Toulouse, France
  • 15 employees
  • App Store rating of 4+