Voodoo scales user acquisition across suite of games.

Games developer optimises Apple Search Ads to increase downloads by 30 per cent while lowering cost per acquisition by 10 per cent within 30 days.


  • Increase app visibility.
  • Remain competitive across multiple Games subcategories.
  • Grow new user base.


  • Invest in Apple Search Ads as a complement to organic growth.
  • Monitor discovery campaigns to improve keyword strategy.
  • Structure account to drive brand, competitor and broad visibility.


  • Downloads increased by 30 per cent and cost per acquisition decreased by 10 per cent within a month.
  • Creative Sets lowered cost per acquisition by 8 per cent and increased installs by 13 per cent.

Voodoo finds gamers with higher lifetime value.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Voodoo develops and publishes highly casual mobile games including Helix Jump, Fight List and Hole.io. The richly visual, easy-to-learn games are developed internally as well as in partnership with over 400 studios around the globe. Founded in 2013, Voodoo is one of the top publishers on the App Store, has over 60 games live, and reaches hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

Invest to stay competitive.

Typically, Voodoo launches games with broad appeal and quickly sees a strong volume of organic downloads. Helix Jump, a game where players control a bouncing ball through a helix tower labyrinth, was no exception. The free game, available only on iOS, was immediately popular across countries and demographics.

“We usually start investing in paid marketing when organic downloads stabilise after the initial spike. The beauty of Apple Search Ads is that we can launch a campaign in minutes and respond quickly to any competition by similar apps,” says Shumin Dai, User Acquisition and Monetisation Manager at Voodoo. “We launch new games on the App Store regularly and we’ve found that Apple Search Ads is the best way to scale discoverability and acquisition.”

With placement at the top of relevant search results on the App Store, Apple Search Ads helped Voodoo attract gamers searching for free casual games. In fact, Apple Search Ads became one of the biggest sources of downloads for Helix Jump, representing 20 per cent of all paid marketing downloads. New users for Helix Jump acquired through Apple Search Ads also stay engaged longer and make more purchases: They have a 15 per cent higher lifetime value than new users from other platforms.

Drive relevancy with Creative Sets.

For its app Fight List, Voodoo tested more ad variations beyond the ads automatically created using creative assets from its App Store product page. With Creative Sets, Voodoo was able to pick and choose 10 combinations of its app previews and screenshots. The developer aligned each set to generic and competitor keyword campaigns and featured three different videos showing users how to play the game.

“Creative Sets gives Voodoo additional creative flexibility and creates a more relevant experience for users searching on the App Store. In just weeks, we lowered our cost per acquisition by 8 per cent and increased installs by 13 percent with Creative Sets,” says Joséphine Robert, User Acquisition & Monetisation manager at Voodoo.

Optimise to scale across markets.

Across key countries, Voodoo creates a Apple Search Ads account structure optimised for its ad revenue supported business model. Discovery campaigns with Search Match help the developer surface new relevant keywords. Brand campaigns focus on brand terms while competitor campaigns include keywords for similar apps to help drive consideration by people searching within the Games category. Generic campaigns feature descriptive keywords like “casual game”.

By optimising its account structure, Voodoo drove a 30 per cent increase in downloads in a single month. Users acquired through Apple Search Ads also are more engaged: they drive on average 18 per cent more revenue and have 5 per cent higher retention than new users from other platforms.

Voodoo is excited to further optimise performance for the rest of its apps by aligning Creative Sets to different key audiences as well as countries. “Apple Search Ads is a powerful tool for every developer interested in driving awareness, acquisition and growing revenue. It gives more people the opportunity to discover the relevancy of your app,” says Robert.

Apple Search Ads is a powerful tool for every developer interested in driving awareness, acquisition and growing revenue.

Joséphine Robert, Voodoo

Company Snapshot

  • Voodoo
  • Games category
  • Founded in 2013
  • Based in Paris, France
  • 100 employees
  • App Store rating of 4+