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Minimal effort.

Apple Search Ads Basic brings you quality downloads at a predictable cost.


Your first installs are on us. Start with a 100 USD credit.*

Set your goals.
Let us do the rest.

No expertise needed.

Getting started is easy. Simply tell us your app, the countries where you want to promote it and your monthly budget. Our intelligent automation creates your ad and matches it to interested users.

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Pay only for installs.

We suggest a max cost-per-install, or you can choose your own.

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Low time commitment.

Take just a few minutes each month to review your performance in our quick-view dashboard.

Start or stop anytime.

You can adjust your budget or pause your app promotion at any time. No long term commitment.

Apple Search Ads Basic is ideal for developers with limited time to promote their app, or who don't need all the features of Apple Search Ads Advanced.

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Leverage our advanced tools with your marketing expertise.

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