How to view results

When you’ve signed in to your account, you see your dashboard.

The default view is current month, but you can choose to look at last calendar month or last three calendar months.

Understanding your dashboard

Installs — Total number of installs of your app onto user devices which occur within a 30‑day conversion window. The window starts from when a user engages with your ad to when the app is installed.

Average Cost-Per-Install (CPI) — Your total spend, divided by the total number of installs, during the specified period.

Maximum Cost-Per-Install (Max CPI) — The maximum amount you are willing to pay for an install of your app. If you adjust your max CPI, your original max CPI may still apply due to the 30‑day conversion window.

Spend — The amount spent during the specified period.

Status — Indicates the current state of your app promotion:

  • Running — Your app promotion is eligible to appear in App Store search results.
  • Paused — You have paused your app promotion.
  • On Hold — Your account is placed on hold if: Your credit card is declined, your monthly budget is reached or there is a violation of Search Ads Advertising Content Policies or Search Ads Terms of Service.
Even if your app promotion is paused or on hold, you may still see additional installs due to the 30‑day conversion window.

Monthly Budget — This is the most you want to spend every calendar month.

Please note: API capabilities are not available for Search Ads Basic.

Downloading your results…

To see your results across all app promotions and shopfronts:

  • Set the time period you wish to view using the menu.
  • Then click the ‘Results by storefront’ download link and save the CSV.

Tips to help improve results

There are many factors that affect how your ads perform, including relevancy, your maximum cost-per-install (max CPI) amount compared to your competitors and user response to your ad.

Best practices

Review your App Store metadata. Your app title, descriptions, and keywords are one of the considerations Search Ads uses to assess your app’s relevance for specific search queries so you should take great thought in crafting them. Search Ads Basic also uses the app name, subtitle, description, preview videos, and screenshots approved for your App Store product page to create your ad. Take the time to review your app metadata in App Store Connect before you start using Search Ads Basic. Review App Store metadata best practices. Note: If you change your App Store metadata, it can take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the ad preview within your account, and up to two hours to be reflected in your ad on the App Store.

If your ad is not delivering results, consider raising your max CPI to increase the likelihood of your ad being shown. You can use the suggested max CPI in your dashboard as a guide to help determine the right bid amount.

Consider running your app promotion in all the countries where your app is available. Check your monthly budget to make sure you are reaching as many users as possible. You may need to increase your budget, especially if you are running app promotions in multiple storefronts.

Make sure you're using the right business model. The right business model for your app balances your goals with the expectations of key audiences, and can also affect the performance of your app in App Store search, including Search Ads. If you have tried the above and are still not seeing results, it’s a good idea to review App Store best practices for choosing your business model.


Search Ads and privacy

All Search Ads data collected by Apple is subject to the Apple Privacy Policy, and Apple does not sell the data to third parties. Search Ads does not use users’ personal data from other Apple services such as Maps, Siri, iMessage and iCloud, or from users’ devices through services and functionality such as Health, HomeKit, email, contacts and call history.

No ads will be shown to Apple ID accounts registered to a minor under 13 years of age, or an account that is registered as a Managed Apple ID. No ads age 17+ will be shown to accounts registered to Apple IDs below the age of 18.