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Advanced | Account Settings

Manage account preferences

How to manage your Apple Search Ads account profile

Sign in to your Apple Search Ads account, go to your Account Settings and navigate to the My Profile section. You’ll see your Apple ID and the role and accounts you have access to within the account. You can also update your email preferences from this page.

If you’re an Account Admin, you’ll see additional sections in the Account Settings page.

How to change your sign-in and contact info

Your contact information and the email address you use to sign in cannot be changed in Apple Search Ads, because they’re tied to your Apple ID.

Change your Apple ID details

How to view notifications

Visit the Notification Centre in your account to see timely account alerts, product updates and campaign tips.

You can find the Notification Centre at the top right of your screen. A red circle indicates you have new messages. Click the icon to open the Notification Centre and read your messages. You can delete messages at any time.