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Advanced | Campaign Management

Manage ad groups

Apple Search Ads Advanced ad groups are collections of keywords relevant to the app you’re promoting in App Store search results. You can set specific criteria and max CPT bid amounts for each ad group within a campaign. Ad groups are an effective way to define who sees your ad.

For example, you can focus an ad group on a common theme related to your app. You might set that ad group higher than another with keywords related to a less common theme. Distinguishing ad groups this way also allows you to track and manage your expenditure separately.

Here’s what that would look like:

Say you have a camera app with some unique filters that aren’t available anywhere else. You notice that 80% of customers are searching for it from an iPhone. Consider creating an ad group specific for iPhone so you can further refine your bids to get more impressions from iPhone users.

Or, if you know that customers of a specific gender or age are more valuable customers to you, like males aged 18 to 34 years, you can create discrete ad groups to closely manage your exposure and bids for these audiences.

It’s also a best practice to create individual ad groups within your campaign for discovery, generic, competitor and brand keywords. Doing so can help make it easier to measure results, optimise performance and scale campaigns.