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Mobile measurement providers

Monitoring results of your campaigns is an important step to ensuring you’re meeting your business objectives. To help track your campaigns’ performance, you can integrate with a mobile measurement provider (MMP).

MMPs interact with various marketing channels independently to count app downloads and track post-install events. Most MMPs incorporate data from the Apple Search Ads Attribution API into their solution. However, MMP methodology for conversion attribution has some key differences when compared to Apple Search Ads:

  • Source of install data
    Apple Search Ads: App Store verified install (download) following a tap on an ad.
    MMP: Install inferred by last ad touch before the first open of the app.

  • Attribution window
    Apple Search Ads: 30 days from tap on an ad.
    MMP: 7 to 30 days from first open of the app.

  • Redownloads
    Apple Search Ads: Reported as redownloads and included in the reported install count in the Apple Search Ads Advanced Campaigns dashboard, Campaign Management API and Attribution API.
    MMP: May be attributed as only a re‑open of an app.

  • Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) On installs
    Apple Search Ads: Included in the reported install count viewed in Apple Search Ads Advanced Campaigns dashboard and the Campaign Management API.
    MMP: Not able to be attributed due to Apple’s Privacy Policy.

If you’re using an MMP or the Apple Search Ads Attribution API directly, you may find the insights into Limit Ad Tracking and redownload aggregated install counts in your Campaigns dashboard useful in reconciling conversion count differences.

Several MMPs are still in the process of incorporating these insights into their platforms. If your MMP is not providing you with redownload counts in your dashboard, we recommend you speak to your MMP about when you might have access to this data.