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Apple Search Ads promo credit

When you first set up your Apple Search Ads Advanced account, we’ll automatically give you a $100 (US) credit to help you get underway. You’ll see this at the top of the Billing page when you add your card.

To verify that a promo credit has been applied to your account, please visit the Billing page within Account Settings. The date of the last applied credit appears in the Promo Credit section located below your payment method details.

Who is eligible for a promo credit

You’re eligible for a one-time new account credit if you’re a developer and registered account holder on App Store Connect, and have at least one app available for sale on the App Store in the available countries and regions. If you are eligible, you must link your Apple Search Ads account to an App Store Connect account to receive the promo credit. If you link a campaign group instead of your top-level account, the credit won’t be applied. You can find your top-level account by clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of any dashboard.

If your account is set to any currency other than the United States Dollar (USD), the new account credit is converted to the currency you set in your account. The conversion rate is based on Apple’s daily exchange rate.

Note that the Apple Search Ads promo credit is subject to the Apple Search Ads Promo Credit Terms and Conditions.