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Advanced | Campaign Management

Use Recommendations

Apple Search Ads Advanced includes customised recommendations designed to help improve campaign performance. You can easily apply recommendations for keywords, bids and daily cap.

You may see recommendations for:

Keywords: Relevant terms people are using to search for apps like yours on the App Store. Adding these can help boost discovery of your app. Keyword recommendations also include recommended max CPT bids.

Bids: Recommended adjustments to your max CPT bids for high-opportunity keywords. Applying these can increase the likelihood of your ad showing.

Daily Cap: Suggestions to help increase opportunities for app downloads.

Note that you may not always see recommendations for your campaigns, but we encourage you to check back often.

Find the Recommendations link

The Recommendations link can be found in the upper-right corner of the Campaigns, Ad Groups, All Keywords or Ad Group Keywords dashboard. It’s located next to the Custom Reports link.

How to view your recommendations

  1. Click the Recommendations link.
  2. On the Recommendations page, you’ll see totals of the available, dismissed and applied recommendations for each app that’s actively running campaigns in your campaign group. Recommendations are organised by category: Keywords, Bids and Daily Cap.
  3. Within each category, click the number next to an app name to view the recommendations for that specific app. Keyword and bid recommendations are ordered from most to least relevant, and daily cap recommendations are presented alphabetically by campaign name.
  4. You can apply, edit or dismiss recommendations individually or in bulk.

Apply or dismiss recommendations individually

From the row of the recommendation you’d like to apply or dismiss, go to the Actions column. Click the “✓” symbol to apply the recommendation, or click the “—“ symbol to dismiss it.

Apply or dismiss recommendations in bulk

If you’d like to apply or dismiss all available recommendations, select the tick box at the top left of the recommendations table in the header row. If you’d like to bulk apply or dismiss specific recommendations, select the tick boxes to the left of each recommendation. Then click the Apply or Dismiss button in the lower right.

How to edit a recommendation before applying it

Edit a recommended keyword’s bid

  1. Click the amount in the Recommended Max CPT Bid column.
  2. Make your edit and click the Update button.
  3. Click the “✓” symbol in the Actions column to apply the recommendation.

Edit the destination ad group for a recommended keyword

  1. In the Ad Group Name column, click the Choose Ad Group link. Or, if there’s an ad group listed in the Ad Group Name column, hover over it, then click the Edit link that appears.
  2. Within the Choose Ad Group or Edit Ad Group window, choose an ad group from the menu.
  3. Click Save.

Edit the ad group for multiple recommended keywords

  1. Click the Edit Ad Groups link in the upper right.
  2. Within the Edit Ad Groups window, choose a country or region from the menu to see a list of the recommended keywords for that country or region. You may also choose a grouping of countries and regions, but this will display only those recommended keywords that apply across that grouping of countries and regions.
  3. From the list of keywords that appears, deselect any terms you don’t want to add to the ad group. If you deselect a keyword and want to re-add it, use the menu to choose that keyword again.
  4. From the Ad Group Name menu, choose the ad group where you’d like to add the keywords. The ad group must be active, promoting the same app, and running in the same countries or regions as the recommendations.
  5. Click Save.

On the Keyword Recommendations page, you’ll see your edited ad group in the Ad Group Name column next to your selected keywords. You can then choose to apply your updated recommendations individually or in bulk.

Edit a bid or daily cap recommendation

  1. Click the amount in the Recommended Max CPT Bid or Recommended Daily Cap column.
  2. Make your edit and click the Update button.
  3. Click the “✓” symbol in the Actions column to apply the recommendation.