Bumble boosts redownloads
with broader relevancy.

Social networking app scales growth in more countries with
broader offering and Apple Search Ads as its top
reacquisition platform.


  • Increase app discoverability across Lifestyle and Social Networking categories.
  • Drive growth in new countries.
  • Recapture former customers.


  • Focus on keyword discovery to drive performance in new countries.
  • Improve relevancy with ad variations aligned to specific customer types.
  • Re-engage with lapsed customers.


  • Apple Search Ads is the top performing ad platform for reacquisition.
  • Drove 61 percent conversion rates.
  • Achieved lower cost per acquisition than other ad platforms.

Bumble expands visibility
and re-engages lapsed users.

Bumble was first founded to make meeting new people online a safe, empowering experience. Since launching in 2014, the app has expanded beyond the U.S. as well as the Lifestyle category to help people make new friends with Bumble BFF and business connections with Bumble Bizz. As the app entered new countries around the world, Bumble wanted to help improve its visibility on the App Store as well as re-engage former customers.

“Apple Search Ads is a natural platform for Bumble because a significant portion of our global audience is on iOS. We have come to rely on Apple Search Ads to help expand into new markets, where it is often our top performing digital platform for acquisition. Apple Search Ads helps people discover our brand whenever they are searching for a safe, inviting app to form new relationships,” says Morry Mitrani, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing.

Drive efficiency with personal relevance.

When launching in a country, Bumble focuses on understanding nuances of the new audience. To identify new keywords that perform well on the App Store, Bumble starts with Search Match, a feature that automatically matches an ad to relevant searches, and broad match. For greater efficiency, Bumble also leverages Apple Search Ads audience refinements like gender, age range, and location.

“Creating specific discovery campaigns for different audiences has been a successful strategy for Bumble across markets. We have been able to really pinpoint the groups of keywords that perform best by location and by demographics like age range and gender. As we grow internationally, Apple Search Ads gives us the granular insights that we can use to optimize bidding and drive results.” shares Mitrani.

With Apple Search Ads, Bumble has driven 61 percent conversion rates. The app has driven that performance while also seeing a lower average cost per acquisition, higher engagement, and more efficiency overall when compared to other ad platforms.

Optimize with more ad variations.

Bumble leverages Creative Sets to optimize relevancy of its ads by country. With Creative Sets, Apple Search Ads Advanced advertisers can create different ads using any of the screenshots or previews from their App Store product page. Bumble created more ad variations and aligned the ad creative to make them more personally relevant to specific audiences based on their gender, age range, or location.

“With Creative Sets, we can showcase more product features in our creative and show different images to different audiences. We quickly found different audience segments respond very differently. That has been invaluable, particularly in newer markets where now we can start to gear our tonality and strategy based on Creative Sets results,” believes Mitrani.

Re-engage with expanded offering.

As a lifestyle app focused on relationships, Bumble sees a natural ebb and flow of downloads and redownloads that happen as people start dating or discover the expansion of the brand to include Bumble BFF (for friends) and Bumble Bizz (for professional networking). Campaigns focused on re-engaging people who have previously downloaded the app are a top priority and make up a large share of Bumble’s investment in Apple Search Ads.

“We have grown tremendously as a business because of Apple Search Ads. The ability to focus our Apple Search Ads campaigns on returning users and have real visibility into redownloads is transformative. In fact, Apple Search Ads is our top reacquisition platform, driving a strong amount of returning users at a good cost,” says Mitrani.

Bumble’s re-engagement campaigns include ad groups structured by keyword themes: brand, competitor, and generic. To continue optimizing performance with lapsed users, Bumble plans to combine Creative Sets testing with re-engagement efforts. “Apple Search Ads helps us understand what messages really resonate with our new and returning users. That’s powerful as we grow our business across verticals and new countries,” shares Mitrani.

Apple Search Ads is our top reacquisition platform, driving a strong amount of returning users.

Morry Mitrani, Bumble

Company Snapshot

  • Bumble
  • Social Networking category
  • Founded in 2014
  • Based in Austin, TX, USA
  • 100 employees
  • App Store rating of 4+