Gilt exceeds ROI goals and realizes more revenue.

Gilt, an innovative online shopping retailer, is realizing more revenue from its Apple Search Ads campaigns than from any other app install channel. Its highly successful Apple Search Ads campaign strategy is greatly exceeding ROI benchmark goals.


  • Attract new, engaged users.
  • Improve ROI per install.


  • Multiple campaigns aimed at new customers.
  • New keyword discovery through Search Match.


  • Realizing more revenue than any other app install channel.
  • Greatly exceeding ROI benchmark goals.

Gilt reaches quality users with Apple Search Ads.

By pioneering the flash sale model to large numbers of consumers, online retailer Gilt knows exactly how to deliver luxury brands at value prices. Now with the majority of its business coming from its mobile app, Gilt has discovered that Apple Search Ads also delivers value by attracting users keen to find a great deal.

“We see Apple Search Ads as the perfect way to increase our presence on the App Store,” says Sarah Weg Spero, digital marketing manager at Gilt. “It’s a powerful tool that allows us to reach mobile users at key moments of intent.”

Quick ramp up leads to new opportunities.

After a quick ramp up, Gilt created and tested a number of campaigns focused on acquiring new customers. Now it’s fine-tuning performance to meet business goals—in particular finding new, engaged users.

“Apple Search Ads has done a great job partnering with measurement platforms to give us absolute insight into what keywords are working and what we want to prioritize next,” Weg Spero says. “And thanks to Search Match, we can discover additional search terms that give us opportunities where we wouldn’t have thought of serving ads otherwise.”

Support for Product Expansion.

Gilt continues to expand its use of Apple Search Ads into other product areas, including home furnishings and accessories, to help raise awareness and attract the most qualified customers.

“Our app is a huge part of our customer experience, so it’s very important how we market it,” Weg Spero says. “Pairing Apple Search Ads with our business goals has led to great results.”

Keyword discovery is an important part of its strategy, and Gilt is building on a successful holiday season to run evergreen campaigns that lift off-season sales, too.

ROI exceeds benchmark goals.

When measuring the success of new customer acquisition, all of its Apple Search Ads campaigns have performed above expectations.

“We’ve been able to reach and maintain an ROI that greatly exceeds our ROI benchmark goals,” Weg Spero says. “Our revenue per install is greater for Apple Search Ads than any other app install channel.”

Gilt continues to expand its keyword base in Apple Search Ads as it sees performance increase, and to identify new opportunities for growth.

“Retailers have to be active in the mobile app space these days,” Weg Spero says. “It’s just a given. And Apple Search Ads puts you in the spotlight right when people are searching for the products you offer.”

We see Apple Search Ads as the perfect way to increase our presence on the App Store. It’s a powerful tool that allows us to reach mobile users at key moments of intent.

Sarah Weg Spero, Gilt

Company Snapshot

  • Gilt Groupe
  • Shopping category
  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in New York, NY, USA
  • 1,000+ employees
  • App Store rating of 4+