Prepare your App Store product page

Get ready to use Creative Sets in Apple Search Ads Advanced search results campaigns

To create ad variations in your search results campaigns, Creative Sets uses the screenshots and app previews from all available assets on your App Store product page.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Creative Sets:

Plan to align with app updates.

Think about how you want to use Creative Sets and ensure the screenshots and app previews are included when you update your App Store product page.

Monitor product page changes.

If you change an asset on your App Store product page, Creative Sets may be impacted. If assets are removed, any set leveraging those assets may be paused if the removal causes it to fall below the required minimum.

Maintain the required number of images.

Make sure you have the following on your App Store product page to make a new set:

  • iPhone: Four or more assets for portrait — two of which must be screenshots — and two or more for landscape
  • iPad: Three or more assets for portrait — one of which must be a screenshot — and two or more for landscape

Know that the order in which you upload images matters.

Assets are displayed in the order they were uploaded to the App Store. Regardless of the number of assets contained within a set, the order of assets selected will be what appears in your account from left to right.

For example, if you were creating a new set for iPhone with four assets — ABCD — possible ads would be combinations of ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD, but CBA wouldn’t be a valid combination.