Share Creative Sets across campaigns

How to share an existing Creative Sets ad variation in Apple Search Ads Advanced search results campaigns

  1. From the Creative Sets tab in the Apple Search Ads Advanced Ad Groups dashboard, select the checkbox next to the set you’d like to share.
  2. Choose Share from the Actions menu.
  3. Choose the campaign and ad group you’d like to share the set with.
  4. Click the Share button.

You also have the choice to share Creative Sets when you duplicate search results ad groups or campaigns. Only relevant sets will be shared. For example, a set built for an iPhone device can’t be shared with an ad group where iPad has been selected as the device. And, the campaign you’re sharing the set with must promote the same app.

Creative Sets ad variations are app-specific and language-specific. So, the sets in your original ad groups and campaigns will only be shared if your new campaign uses the same promoted app and countries and regions. If these selections are changed, Creative Sets may not be shared.

Note that if you edit the name of one of your Creative Sets ad variations in an ad group, it’ll change across all the ad groups that share that ad variation.