Create a Search tab campaign

Start promoting your app at the top of the suggested apps list on the App Store Search tab

  1. From the Apple Search Ads Advanced Campaigns dashboard, click the Create Campaign button.
  2. Choose the app you want to promote.
  3. Select where you want your ads to run. For Search tab campaigns, you’ll click that ad placement.
  1. Choose one or more countries or regions where your campaign will run.
 Note that if you plan to advertise in multiple markets, you may want to consider grouping similar countries and regions in one campaign for easier management. Search tab ads aren’t currently available on the App Store in mainland China.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Apply campaign settings:

    • Name your campaign. If you’re running multiple Search tab campaigns, it’s a good idea to include a reference to the theme in your campaign name.
    • Set a campaign budget. The amount you set can be increased at any time, but you can’t decrease your budget once your campaign has started. Your ads will run until you exhaust your budget, reach your campaign end date, or pause your campaign.

      Learn more about managing budgets
    • Set an optional daily cap. This will help distribute your spend each day so your budget will last for a specific time period.
  4. Create an ad group:

    • Name your ad group.
    • Set a maximum cost-per-thousand-impressions (max CPM) bid.

      Learn more about setting and adjusting bids
  5. Refine your audience by device type, customer type, demographics, and location. The same types of audience refinements are available for Search tab ad groups as for search results ad groups.

    Learn more about audience refinements

  6. Set a start date for your campaign, along with an optional end date.

  7. Specify when your ads will run, if you have a preference.

    Learn more about ad scheduling

  8. Preview your ad.

  9. Click the Create Campaign button.

Note that Search tab campaigns will run immediately after they’ve been reviewed by Apple Search Ads. To prevent a campaign from automatically running after creation, set its status to Pause during campaign creation then change the status to Run when you’re ready to start it, or schedule a specific date upon which you’d like it to start. If you create a campaign before adding a payment method, your ads will automatically start running when a valid payment method is added to your account, unless you set your campaign status to Pause.