Manage Search
tab campaigns

Duplicate Search tab campaigns

Duplication of Search tab campaigns and ad groups works the same way it does for search results campaigns and ad groups. When duplicating, keep in mind that campaigns and ad groups can only be duplicated to the same ad placement as the original campaign (that is, App Store search results or App Store Search tab).

Note that Search tab ads aren’t currently available on the App Store in mainland China.

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View Search tab campaign reporting

Just like with search results campaigns, you can view performance reporting for Search tab campaigns on the Campaigns dashboard, Charts dashboard, and in custom reports. The Ad Placement column on the Campaigns and Ad Groups dashboards helps you quickly distinguish Search tab campaigns from search results campaigns.

Note that some reporting metrics only apply to search results campaigns, so you won’t see them in the reporting for Search tab campaigns. These include impression share, rank, and search popularity.

You can also use the Apple Ads Attribution API to measure installs that originate from Search tab campaigns.

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Set up budget orders for Search
tab campaigns

You can use budget orders for Search tab campaigns, however they’ll need to be separate from budget orders for search results campaigns. When you create a new budget order, you’ll be able to assign the correct ad placement.

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Use the Campaign Management API for
Search tab campaigns

You can use the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API 4 to programmatically create, manage, and report on Search tab campaigns. Earlier versions of the API won’t support this type of ad placement.

Note that the Campaign Management API 4 also requires users and third-party service providers to be authenticated using OAuth 2.0.

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