Shoppers find trusted brands. Myntra drives quality growth.

Myntra is a leading online store that connects shoppers across India with top fashion brands. With Apple Search Ads, the shopping app drove high-quality acquisition, increasing conversions by 20 per cent and average revenue per user by 15 per cent.

The Results

50% growth in paid iOS installs.
20% better conversion (install to first purchase) rate compared with similar platforms.
15% higher average revenue per user compared with similar platforms.

The Challenge

As one of India’s first large e-commerce platforms, Myntra has seen the retail landscape become increasingly crowded with new competitors in recent years. As a result, capturing the attention of Gen Y and Z shoppers on mobile became a challenge. To stay competitive, the team at Myntra partnered with mobile marketing specialist InMobi to increase app discovery at the moment when customers were searching on the App Store and ready to buy.

Apple Search Ads is an easy, scalable way to drive high-quality acquisition of relevant customers searching on the App Store with high intent.

Achint Setia,
Vice president of marketing at Myntra

The Solution

Structure keyword campaigns to maximise audience reach.

The Myntra and InMobi teams set up Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword theme to drive visibility and scale with the widest iOS audience possible. A brand campaign helped them connect with customers searching for their brand as well as the brands of their partners. With Search Match and Broad Match, a discovery campaign uncovered new relevant search terms, including trending consumer brands that shoppers were looking for on the App Store.

“In a competitive category like shopping, it’s not easy to stay ahead of the competition and on top of consumer trends,” says Achint Setia, vice president of marketing at Myntra. “With Apple Search Ads, we can easily uncover emerging competitive challenges and new relevant search terms for our app.”

Reduce costs by optimising for performance.

To improve efficiency and inform optimisation, the team at Myntra (along with their growth partners) closely monitored performance at the keyword level. They increased bids on high-performing search terms to maximise impressions and removed less relevant ones. Insights into share of voice, as well as category keyword optimisation, also helped reduce acquisition costs and drive consistent customer growth.

“The install to new customer conversion ratio has also been significantly higher with Apple Search Ads,” says Navin Madhavan, vice president of growth platforms at InMobi. “That means Apple Search Ads is poised to become a major part of how we drive quality iOS growth for Myntra.”

Capitalise on seasonality with bidding adjustments.

The InMobi team helped Myntra drive additional scale leading into festive celebrations, such as Diwali and major end-of-year sales. They incorporated keywords related to popular brands, product categories and sales that shoppers were searching for on the App Store during Myntra’s peak season. They adjusted bidding to maximise impressions and drive performance.

“Our overall Apple Search Ads strategy drove over 50 per cent growth in paid iOS installs,” says Madhavan. “We can really understand how people search with Apple Search Ads and capitalise on the strong intent that they show on the App Store.”

Company snapshot

  • Myntra
  • Shopping category
  • Launched in 2014
  • Based in Bengaluru, India