Postsnap increases revenues by 310 per cent

UK-based Postsnap used Search Ads to establish a new market in the US for its photo card app. With an increase in downloads of 75 per cent, and revenue growth of 310 per cent in just four months, the company is serving higher value users at greater efficiency than from any other channel.


  • Rapidly expand into new geographies
  • Grow its exclusive iOS user base
  • Increase seasonal repeat purchases


  • Event-based campaigns
  • Separate product-based ad groups
  • Monitor and optimise campaigns daily


  • Booming new marketplace in the US and Australia
  • Downloads increased by an average of 75 per cent each month
  • Sales increased by an average of 71 per cent each month

Postcards and greeting
cards go global

Expanding into overseas markets can take a lot of time, resources and money – especially for a small business. But when the founder of Postsnap, Stephen Homer, first heard about Search Ads, he saw an excellent opportunity to take his UK-based photo card app into the US.

“Expanding our infrastructure overseas was a learning process, but within a few weeks of running Search Ads campaigns, we had customers all over the United States sending postcards, greeting cards and invitations,” Homer says. “Thanks to Search Ads, downloads have increased by an average of 75 per cent each month, and our ROI has increased by 310 per cent in just four months.”

New markets boom
With localised versions of the Postsnap app, and top-notch fulfilment partnerships in the US, UK, and Australia, Postsnap has been successful in entering each new market with Search Ads. Results have included an increase in positive reviews on the App Store and international press coverage, as well as more downloads.

“Since we’re based in the UK, we initially focused on the UK market, and added features and improvements as we grew a loyal following,” Homer explains. “Now we’re getting in front of the right iOS app users in the US, UK and Australia, at the very moment they’re in the market for a photo card app.”

Reduced costs
Search Ads also has helped Postsnap improve spend efficiency by reducing the cost-per-acquisition for new users. Homer estimates CPA is about half of other platforms. Before Search Ads, the acquisition funnel used ads that would go to a landing page, and rely on the user signing up.

“Search Ads offers us a direct path to conversion, so we’re paying less to acquire users, and getting a greater return.” Homer says. “More importantly, Search Ads has given us a huge increase in high-value users in multiple regions. Now we’re using Search Ads to help us launch other apps, too.”

Thanks to Search Ads, downloads have increased by an average of 75 per cent each month, and our ROI has increased by 310 per cent in just four months.

Stephen Homer, Postsnap

Company Snapshot

  • Postsnap Limited
  • Postsnap
  • 12 employees
  • Based in Poole, Dorset, UK
  • Founded in 2014
  • App Store rating: 4+
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