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Apple Search Ads Attribution API

The Apple Search Ads Attribution API enables you to measure and attribute app installs that originate from Apple Search Ads campaigns. You can implement it directly or with a third-party attribution solution to accurately measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. By adding just a few lines of code to your app, you can easily understand the value of different customer groups over time and the keywords that drove their downloads. Then you can use the information to optimise your CPT and CPA targets for different keywords, ad groups and audiences.

API requirements

The app must be enabled with the Apple Search Ads Attribution code to monitor attribution.

You can enable attribution on your app at any time to measure the app downloads that are being driven by Apple Search Ads campaigns.

The attribution applies only to users with devices using iOS 10 or later, who have tapped an ad and have downloaded the app within 30 days.

Get more details and view the Attribution API documentation