Apple Search Ads Promo Credit Terms and Conditions

With an Apple Search Ads Promo Credit, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (the “Apple Search Ads Promo Credit Terms”). For the purposes of these Apple Search Ads Promo Credit Terms, the term “you” shall mean the Apple Developer Program team that you, as an individual end user, are authorized to represent, legally bind, and act on behalf of with respect to Apple Search Ads activities.

Your Apple Search Ads Promo Credit is valued in the amount of one hundred U.S. dollars ($100 USD) (the “Promo Credit”) that may only be applied to the purchase of Apple Search Ads products and services, as made available by Apple on the App Store.

Eligibility. You are eligible for a one time promotional credit if you (a) are a developer and registered accountholder on App Store Connect and have at least one app available on the App Store in one of the eligible countries or regions and (b) otherwise comply with these Apple Search Ads Promo Terms, which may change from time to time. Additional eligibility requirements may be specified in the offer you receive from Apple, which may be revoked at any time or for any reason by Apple. Apple is not responsible for non-compliant redemption attempts, which will not be honored. Apple may refuse the redemption requests or reverse any redeemed Apple Search Ads Promo Credit in the event of fraud or unauthorized redemption.

If your Apple Search Ads account uses or becomes associated with an Apple line of credit, you are not eligible for an Apple Search Ads Promo Credit and any remaining balance will no longer be available.

Program Terms. You acknowledge and agree that use of your promo credit is contingent upon, and subject to, your creation of a valid Apple Search Ads account, acceptance of the Apple Search Ads Terms of Service available here, and in compliance with Apple Search Ads Content and Advertising Policies.

Your Promo Credit is non-transferable, may not be sold or bartered, and may only be applied to the purchase of Apple Search Ads products and services, as made available by Apple through your Apple Search Ads account.

You will be charged in accordance with the Apple Search Ads Terms of Service for all advertising that exceeds the Promo Credit. You must pause your campaigns any time before your promo credit amount is exhausted to avoid additional campaign charges. You will not be notified once your promo credit is exhausted.

If your Apple Search Ads account is set to any currency other than the United States Dollar (USD), the promo credit will be converted to the currency as set in your Apple Search Ads account on the date of redemption. The conversion rate will be based on Apple’s daily exchange rate.