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PostSnap drives global revenue.

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PostSnap lets anyone transform their snapshots into printed postcards, magazines, greeting cards, invitations, and canvases. With Apple Search Ads, the photo card app increased global downloads, revenue, and efficiency. 

The Results

75% average increase in downloads monthly.
71% average increase in sales monthly.
310% increase in ROI in four months.

The Challenge

Expansion into overseas markets can take significant time, resources, and money — especially for a small business. PostSnap Founder Stephen Homer wanted to grow his UK-based photo card app into additional English-speaking markets quickly. He needed an affordable way to improve app discovery with people searching on the App Store for similar apps.

Apple Search Ads has given us a huge increase in engaged users in multiple regions.

The Solution

Increase visibility in new markets.

With localized versions of their app and top-notch fulfillment partnerships, the team at PostSnap ran Apple Search Ads campaigns in the U.S., the UK, and Australia. They instantly saw results with more downloads from engaged users around the world. Positive reviews on the App Store also increased, as well as international press coverage.


“Since we’re based in the UK, we initially focused on the UK market, and added features and improvements as we grew a loyal following,” Homer explains. “Now we’re getting in front of the right iOS app users in the U.S., UK, and Australia, at the very moment they’re in the market for a photo card app to send postcards, greeting cards, and invitations.”

Invest to drive better efficiency.

In addition to new market expansion, Apple Search Ads also helped the PostSnap team improve spend efficiency by reducing the cost-per-acquisition for new users. Before Apple Search Ads, the team’s acquisition strategy relied on ads that would go to a landing page, and required users to sign up there. With Apple Search Ads, the acquisition funnel was streamlined on the App Store. 


“Apple Search Ads offers us a direct path to conversion, so we’re paying less to acquire users and getting a greater return,” Homer says. “More importantly, Apple Search Ads has given us a huge increase in engaged users in multiple regions. Now we’re using Apple Search Ads to help us launch other apps, too.”

Company Snapshot

  • Postsnap Limited
  • Photo & Video category
  • Founded in 2014
  • Based in Poole, Dorset, UK
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