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Most parents dread getting a restless baby to sleep, but for Huxley Seidman, every parent’s nightmare turned into an app-building opportunity. Seidman launched White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds — a compilation of soothing sounds and white noise — after countless nap time experiments with his fussy newborn. With Apple Search Ads, the new app was able to triple its listeners.

The Results

3x the number of daily downloads.
3x as many customers converted from free to paid.
$0.50 Acquisition costs remain less than 50 cents.

The Challenge

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds had to compete against countless apps in the category with over eight years of review history. They needed to increase their app visibility and their number of positive reviews in order to stand out in the crowd.

Results so far have been phenomenal. Apple Search Ads has been extremely helpful, especially for a small business such as myself without a massive ad budget or creative team to focus on advertising.

The Solution

Attract quality users to increase good reviews.

The White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds app is available for free with a limited runtime, or an in-app purchase adds continuous play and additional popular sleep sounds. Seidman monetizes the app through in‑app purchases, so attracting engaged users is essential.


“There are a lot of apps similar to White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds, so it’s hard for a newcomer like me to compete,” Seidman explains. “Apple Search Ads has increased my app visibility, and in turn the number of positive reviews, and that’s all helping me rank high organically, too.”

Increase revenues to support business growth.

Seidman has seen his number of downloads and customers upgrading to the pro version triple since using Apple Search Ads. More than 70 percent of users download his app after tapping his ad, and he says that his acquisition costs remain below $0.50.


With this kind of momentum behind them, Seidman and his wife plan to launch other parenting products and grow their app business. “Results so far are phenomenal for me,” he says. “Apple Search Ads has been really helpful, especially for a small business such as myself without a massive ad budget or creative team to focus on advertising. Apple Search Ads is definitely helping me reach the right customers, as more users are upgrading to the paid version at a higher rate than ever before.”

Company Snapshot

  • Kitefaster LLC
  • Health & Fitness category
  • Founded in 2015
  • Based in Macon, Georgia, U.S.
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