People discover the right jobs. Timee increases conversions.

Timee connects people to part-time jobs – with no lengthy applications or interviews required. With Apple Search Ads, the team and their agency, Septeni, were able to optimise keyword coverage, ad relevance and audience reach, increasing installs by 48 per cent.

The Results

48% growth in installs over seven days.
1.4X increase in tap-through rate.
40% decrease in cost per install.
1.2X higher registration conversion rate for jobseekers reached through Apple Search Ads compared with similar platforms.

The Challenge

To increase new user acquisition and stay ahead of competing apps, the Timee team needed to increase awareness of their app among in-market jobseekers. They also wanted to re-engage jobseekers across Japan who had previously downloaded the app but couldn’t find relevant jobs in their local area.

Apple Search Ads delivered strong impression volume, re-downloads, install growth and higher conversion rates, especially when we integrated our campaigns with TV ads.

Genki Koga,
Executive Director CAO at Timee

The Solution

Optimise at the keyword level to drive performance.

With the help of Search Match, Timee was able to find popular and relevant search terms. The team also quickly discovered keyword performance nuances that helped them to adjust bids to reach the most receptive audiences and improve efficiency. To maximise keyword coverage based on intent, they also adjusted their account structure to include discovery, brand, category and competitive campaigns.

“With Apple Search Ads, we were able to reach different user segments with different motivations for downloading our app,” says Yuki Sato, account planner at Septeni. “Brand campaigns helped us to capture impressions on our brand terms while complementing organic growth. With competitive and category campaigns, we improved discovery among jobseekers interested in similar apps.”

Broaden reach by removing audience refinements.

As Timee launched new product capabilities and broadened reach, the job listings on the app expanded into new categories and additional areas of Japan beyond major cities. To reach the widest possible audience of prospects, the Timee team removed audience refinements for Apple Search Ads campaigns and included returning users. This helped them to increase impressions and drive re-downloads from customers who had previously downloaded the app but may not have found job listings that met their criteria.

Integrate across channels to maximise return on ad spend.

To move more jobseekers from awareness to registration, the teams at Timee and Septeni developed an integrated marketing campaign, running Apple Search Ads campaigns alongside television ads. They closely aligned creative, refreshing screenshots in Apple Search Ads campaigns to highlight the famous Japanese entertainer and messaging featured in their TV adverts. During the period that the TV ads ran, the tap-through rate for Apple Search Ads increased by 140 per cent and installs increased by 48 per cent. Cost per install also decreased by 40 per cent with this alignment across channels.

Company snapshot

  • Timee, inc.
  • Lifestyle category
  • Launched in 2018
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan