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Advanced | Campaign Management

Use the Campaign Management API

The Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API is for developers, agencies and third-party platforms who want to manage campaigns and pull reports programmatically.

With the API, you can build software to manage your campaigns, ad groups and keywords. It allows advertisers or third parties to more efficiently manage their larger Apple Search Ads accounts and campaigns, or provide additional functionality beyond what Apple Search Ads offers through its own product. Some use cases include:

  • Custom reports
  • Data ingestion to in-house business intel­ligence system
  • Cross-channel campaign management
  • Automated bid management

Access the API documentation and see complete details

Getting started

To implement the Apple Search Ads API effectively, you’ll need to understand the technical requirements and plan ahead to ensure you have the resources needed to develop and maintain the application.

Here’s how to access your API view:

  1. Click your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings next to your account name.
  3. Click the API tab to create an API certificate.

The API:

  • Provides REST access to campaign management.
  • Returns data in JSON format.
  • Is supported by all popular programming languages.

For more information, visit REST or JSON online.