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If you’re having issues promoting your app in France

If you can’t run your Apple Search Ads app promotions on the App Store in France

In compliance with the French law known as the “Sapin Law”, which intends to make the business of media buying more transparent, only the advertiser who owns both the app and the Apple Search Ads account can promote an app on the App Store in France. That means if you’re an agency, an agent or a representative who manages Apple Search Ads for a client whose company is either registered, established or otherwise located in France, you’re not eligible to run ads on behalf of that client on the App Store in France.

Read the Apple Search Ads Terms of Service and Sapin Law

If your app promotion on the App Store in France says it’s ‘Incomplete’

If you or an account admin previously self-identified as an Agent on the Account Information page of your account, you also need to answer the following question: Are you promoting the app on behalf of or for the benefit of a French company? Go to your Account Settings to answer this question.

If you or an account admin never previously self-identified as an Agent/Not an agent in your Account Information, you’ll need to answer the question of whether or not you’re promoting the app on behalf of a French company. If you already answered Yes to this question, then another account admin needs to answer this question. Once all users in your account with the admin role answer this question, the app promotion status will update.