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Apple Search Ads Advanced

Designed to turn intent
into downloads.

Drive visibility and downloads of your app throughout the
App Store, where over
650 million people go every week
to discover and download apps.

A MacBook and two iPhones. The MacBook shows the Apple Search Ads Advanced Create Campaign page, with ad placement options for the Today tab, Search tab, search results, and product pages. One iPhone shows an ad for example app, AwayFinder, in search results. The second iPhone shows an ad for AwayFinder on the Today tab.

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Every moment of every
journey, covered.

When people first arrive, search for something specific, or
research apps, Apple Search Ads helps them discover your
app throughout their entire App Store visit.

An iPhone with the App Store open and an ad for the example app, AwayFinder, displayed prominently on the Today tab. The ad shows the app icon, name, and subtitle, which says “Explore, Plan & Book Travel.”

Today Tab

When they start.

Today Tab

The Today tab is where over half a billion weekly App Store visitors start their journey to discover new apps.


Maximize visibility of your app with an ad on the Today tab. Ads are prominently placed and fully visible when people first arrive. Each ad features your app name, icon, and subtitle, and uses a custom product page you set up in App Store Connect as the tap destination. Assets from the custom page you select animate in the background of your ad.

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Two iPhones with the App Store open. One iPhone shows an ad for the example app, AwayFinder, on the Search tab. The other shows an ad for AwayFinder at the top of search results, with the term “vacation planner" entered in the search box.

Search Tab and Search Results

When they search.

Search Tab

Search is the primary way people discover apps on the App Store — 70% of App Store visitors use search to discover apps.1 Capture their interest with an ad prominently placed at the top of the suggested list.


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Search Results

The majority of downloads — almost 65%1— happen directly after a search. Reach people after they search with an ad at the top of relevant search results. 


You can choose your own keywords or use the ones we suggest. You can also use the custom product pages you set up in App Store Connect to create ad variations aligned with different keyword themes and audiences. We match your ad with people based on a direct signal of their intent — their search term —delivering an average conversion rate of over 60%.2


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An iPhone with the App Store open. An ad for the example app, AwayFinder, appears at the bottom of an App Store product page, where users would see it if they scrolled down the page.

Product Pages

While they browse.

Product Pages — While Browsing

Reach people when they actively research apps. Your ad will appear to interested users who have scrolled to the bottom of product pages. Ads can run across all app categories, or you can refine the categories where they run.


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Your budget. Your campaign.
You’re in control.

Apple Search Ads makes it easy to manage your campaigns. There’s
no minimum
spend, and you can invest as much or as little as you want.
With cost-per-tap
(CPT) pricing, you only pay when a customer
engages with your ad.

Daily budget icon

Set a daily budget.

Set the average amount you want to spend each day. Spend will be automatically optimized for days with opportunities to get more downloads.

Price assurance icon

Price assurance.

You determine the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a tap, and you can change the amount whenever you want.

Start or stop anytime icon

Start or stop anytime.

Start, stop, or adjust your campaigns whenever you like.

An iPhone shows an ad for the example app, AwayFinder, at the top of App Store search results. The ad includes three dining-related screenshots and the query entered in the search box is "travel dining."

made easy.

Your ads are automatically created using the metadata and imagery you provide in App Store Connect.

Insights for action.

Leverage powerful data and tools to maximize
campaign results and reach your goals.

A MacBook is open to the Campaigns dashboard in Apple Search Ads Advanced. Four campaigns are listed with their campaign name, status, country or region, and ad placement appearing in columns.

Easily view your data.

See what’s working, what you need to adjust, and where you may have more opportunities to meet your objectives.

Set up custom reports.

Set your reporting to the exact granularity you need, at the keyword, ad group, campaign, country or region, or app level. Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

Five reporting metrics in the interface components that can be dragged and dropped to create a custom report. The metrics are Taps, Impressions, Installs, Spend, and TTR.

Get personalized recommendations.

Improve your campaign performance with relevant recommendations and estimated results metrics. Put them into action with a simple click.

Two modals from the Recommendations page in Apple Search Ads Advanced. One shows numbers of bid recommendations available by app. The other shows numbers of keyword recommendations available by app.

Tap into our APIs to understand and manage
your campaigns.

Understand value.

The Apple Ads Attribution API enables you to measure and attribute app downloads and redownloads resulting from your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

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Manage campaigns at scale.

The Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API is available for developers, agencies, and third-party platforms who want to manage larger campaigns, add their own features, or pull reports programmatically.

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A team of two people working together on a computer.

Find the right partner.

Whether you need campaign optimization, custom product page expertise,
or both, an Apple Search Ads Partner can help.

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Apple Search Ads Advanced

Start your

Apple Search Ads Advanced gives you easy and flexible
campaign management
options and a variety of ad placements
designed to drive visibility and
downloads of your app. Try it for
free with a 100 USD credit.*

A MacBook screen shows the campaign dashboard for Apple Search Ads Basic. An iPhone next to the MacBook shows an ad for Sprint Pacer in App Store search results.
Apple Search Ads Basic

Set your goals,
let us do the rest.

Apple Search Ads Basic offers a simpler way to get app downloads from search results ads at a cost you choose.

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