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Close up of two hands typing on a MacBook keyboard. The screen is open to the Apple Search Ads Recommendations page and shows recommendations organized by keywords, bids, and daily budget.

Best Practices


Customized recommendations are available in your Apple Search Ads account to help you identify opportunities and improve campaign performance. Use the following suggestions to make the most
of recommendations.
The Keywords Recommendations tile shows the amount of available, dismissed, and applied keyword recommendations, and also the number of recommendations available by app.

Check your recommendations regularly.

Apple Search Ads updates recommendations daily. You can stay updated on the latest keyword and bid recommendations for search results ads, and check in on daily budget recommendations for all placements.

Factor estimated results into your decisions.

To help you understand the potential performance boosts you could achieve by applying a recommendation, check the estimated results metrics alongside it including estimated installs, spend, and average CPA.

The Keyword Recommendations page in Apple Search Ads Advanced shows the recommendations table organized by keyword, recommended max CPT bid, estimated installs, estimated spend, estimated average CPA, and more.

Estimated installs, estimated spend, and estimated average CPA metrics are provided
with each recommendation. By assessing the value of each, you can make more informed
decisions about how to use recommendations.

Search Results

Put additional metrics to work for
search results recommendations.

Keyword and bid recommendations also include the following metrics
to help you evaluate opportunities:

A person searches “vacation planner” in the App Store, and AwayFinder appears at the top of search results.
The search popularity indicator displaying 5 blue circles, indicating that the keyword is very popular.

Search Popularity

Understand the popularity of each keyword based on how many people are searching for it on the App Store. Search popularity is displayed from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most popular. Checking this metric can help you better assess keyword opportunities.

The impression share indicator displaying a 61‑70% percentage range.

Impression Share

Know the share of impressions your ad receives from the total impressions served on the same keywords, in the same countries or regions. Impression share is displayed as a percent range. Checking this metric can help you decide whether there’s room to grow a keyword’s impact.

The rank indicator displaying 1, which is the highest rank.


See how your app ranks in terms of impression share compared to other apps in the same countries or regions. Rank is displayed from 1 to 5 or >5, with 1 being the highest rank. Checking this metric can help you better understand the opportunities that specific keywords present.

If a keyword is important to your brand, monitor its impression share closely. Have an impression share target in mind and adjust your bids accordingly to reach it, or consider raising your daily budget. Choose Reach All Eligible Users — our default option — to automatically optimize your ad to reach the broadest audience.

Filter recommendations based on your goals.

When reviewing recommendations, keep your campaign goals in mind. You could be looking to optimize for downloads, or to grow your impression share in a certain country or region. Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish, you can filter recommendations by the metrics that matter most to you and prioritize accordingly.

You can set filters according to country or region, estimates, and current performance, depending on the recommendation type. And with certain filters, you can add specific values. Once you’ve set filters, refer to the Totals row to see the full estimated impact of applying the filtered recommendations. Then apply all recommendations to make the most of your current opportunities.

The Bid Recommendations page in Apple Search Ads Advanced with filters set to show only those recommendations that could lead to an estimated average CPA less than $6.00.

If you wanted to keep your cost-per-acquisition below, say $6.00, you could set filters on
the Bid Recommendations page to only see bids that would lead to an estimated Avg CPA
lower than that amount. To maximize results, you’d select all filtered results and apply them.


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