Ad variations troubleshooting

If you don’t see any custom product pages available during ad creation

If you receive a message that no custom product pages are available, it may mean you haven’t yet created any in App Store Connect or that the pages you’ve created haven’t been approved. You may also see this message if the custom product page you created has been deleted from App Store Connect.

Sign in to App Store Connect to create a new custom product page or to check your previously created pages.

If you can’t create another
ad variation

This happens when you’ve already created 35 custom ads within your ad group.

If your ad is unsupported

Creative Sets ad variations are no longer supported by Apple Search Ads in search results campaigns. Though you may see these ads listed on your Ads dashboard, they can’t run on the App Store. You can view historical data for Creative Sets ad variations, but their status will appear as Unsupported until you remove them from your account.

If your ad is on hold

An ad variation created from a custom product page may be on hold for the following reasons:

  • If the custom product page contains assets that aren’t compatible with an ad group’s country, region, or targeted device, the ad variation can’t run. Once assets are updated in App Store Connect, the ad will be paused until you activate it.
  • If the custom product page has been disabled in App Store Connect, the ad variation can’t run. Once the page is reenabled in App Store Connect, the ad will be paused until you activate it.
  • If your ad variation is set to run on the App Store in mainland China, it may require creative authorization documentation approval. If your documentation is rejected, your ad will remain on hold.
Learn more about advertising in mainland China

If your ad doesn’t show up in your duplicated campaign or ad group

Your ad variations may be incompatible with the new destination campaign because of differences in language for the countries and regions associated with the campaign. Consider localizing the custom product pages for the countries and regions your campaign is set to reach.

If you’re testing app icons

You may see a different icon in your ad variation preview if you’re running a product page optimization test. The icon that appears in your ad in search results will match the icon that appears on its accompanying custom product page.