Make changes to Basic app promotions

How to change your Apple Search Ads Basic monthly budget

  1. Sign in to your Apple Search Ads Basic account.
  2. Choose the app whose budget you want to adjust, if you have more than one app.
  3. Enter the new amount in the Monthly Budget field.

You can adjust your budget at any time. Budget increase changes take effect immediately. Budget decrease changes take effect at the start of the next calendar month. Your performance is optimized based on your existing monthly budget. When a lower budget is entered, your app promotion will be optimized using the new budget for the next calendar month. This minimizes the potential performance impact for your current month’s app promotion.

Once you’ve reached your monthly budget, the app promotion status will appear as “Running” but no ads will be served until the next calendar month.

How max cost-per-install (max CPI) updates in your dashboard work

In your dashboard, you may see updates to the suggested max CPI for each of your apps at any time. Updated suggestions are based on our assessment of multiple factors, including how customers have responded to your ad and to other ads for similar apps.

The suggestions you see may vary over time. They’re not a directive for where you should set your max CPI. However, keeping your max CPI at or above the suggested max CPI can help increase the likelihood that your ad is the one shown for relevant user searches.

You can change your max CPI at any point. Simply visit your dashboard, select the app promotion, and make changes in the max CPI field. Max CPI changes take effect immediately.

How to change the countries and regions for your app promotions

  1. Sign in to your Apple Search Ads Basic account.
  2. Choose the app promotion you wish to change in the dashboard.
  3. Next to the current number of countries and regions where the app promotion appears, click Edit.
  4. Select the eligible countries and regions where you want to promote your app. To add or remove them, you can select them individually or select all.