Understand keyword
bid insights

How bid insights work in Apple Search Ads Advanced search
results campaigns

To help you stay competitive, make more educated bidding decisions, and optimize your search results campaigns, Apple Search Ads Advanced provides bid insights at the campaign level within the All Keywords dashboard and the Ad Group Keywords dashboard of your search results campaigns. These insights are updated on an ongoing basis as long as your campaign runs, and they can be downloaded along with other metrics as a CSV file.

The All Keywords dashboard in Apple Search Ads is open for the example app, TripTrek. Bid strength for each keyword is represented with colors bars; green indicates a competitive bid, yellow is moderate, and red is a weak bid.

Suggested bid range

Suggested bid range appears alongside each existing keyword and indicates our suggestion for where your maximum cost-per-tap (max CPT) bid should fall to incrementally increase the likelihood of your ad showing. The suggested range is based on our assessment of multiple factors, including how customers have responded to your ad and other advertisers’ ads on this same keyword, your bid history for this keyword, and other advertisers’ bid histories for it.

Bid strength

Bid strength is displayed as a red, yellow, or green bar associated with each keyword. It indicates our assessment of the competitiveness of your bid. Bids at the stronger end can help your ads reach a greater portion of your target audience than those at the weaker end.

  • Weak bid strength (red) means your bid isn’t competitive in relation to other advertisers’ bids. Your ad has a relatively low likelihood of being shown.

  • Moderate bid strength (yellow) indicates an opportunity to improve your bid’s competitiveness and increase the likelihood of your ad being shown.

  • Strong bid strength (green) means your bid is well positioned among other advertisers in the marketplace.

  • No indicator will be shown when there is insufficient data for us to suggest a bid range or measure bid strength, the keyword has been paused, the ad group or campaign is on hold, or your current bid is already aligned with our recommendation.

Suggested bid range and bid strength are our recommendations and assessments to help you incrementally increase the likelihood of your ad showing. They’re not a directive for how much you should bid, and are not a bid floor or ceiling. These indicators may vary over time and among different advertisers.