Make edits in bulk

Manage campaign settings at scale with an easy-to-use template

If you don’t have the time or capacity to use the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API, bulk edit capabilities offer an easy way to update multiple campaigns, ad groups, and ads at once — for any ad placement. You can make edits to settings including daily budget, default max bids, audience, and more. You can even select new custom product pages to use for Today tab ads or search results ad variations. From the Actions menu of your Campaigns dashboard, you simply download existing settings to edit. You can also upload information for brand new campaigns using our template.

Your updated or new campaigns can go live as soon as you upload your edited spreadsheet.

Download the campaigns settings template

How to download and edit existing campaign and ad group settings

  1. From the Campaigns dashboard, select the checkboxes next to specific campaigns to download their settings and make updates, or leave checkboxes unselected to download settings for all campaigns. If you’d like, you can use the Search box to find specific campaigns or use the Filters menu to filter campaigns based on general, advanced, or performance options. Select from your filtered results to download settings for specific campaigns only.

    Learn more about filtering data
  2. Choose Download Data from the Actions menu.
  3. Select the Campaign and Ad Group Settings option to download your settings data in an XLSX file. You may also download a list of location refinement options to see the abbreviations you can use for specific countries/regions, states/admin areas, and cities/localities.
  4. Click the Download button.

You can also download your settings from the Ad Groups dashboard and the Ads dashboard.

How to download a blank template for creation of all-new campaigns

  1. If you haven’t created any campaigns, or want to set up new ones instead of editing existing campaigns, choose Upload Data from the Actions menu on the Campaigns dashboard.
  2. Within the window that opens, click the blue “Download XLSX template” link.
  3. After you’ve input settings data for your new campaigns, add them to your account by uploading your spreadsheet. Note that you should leave campaign ID and ad group ID cells blank, as Apple Search Ads will automatically generate those for you.

How to upload campaign or ad
group edits

  1. From the Campaigns dashboard, choose Upload Data from the Actions menu.
  2. Choose the XLSX file that contains your edited campaign or ad group settings.
  3. Click the Upload button.

Note that all columns must be present in the template in order to successfully upload it. If you delete columns, you’ll receive an error message during upload.

Considerations for using the campaign
settings template

Keep in mind the following when you’re inputting campaign and ad group settings:

  • You can add a maximum of 500 rows to your spreadsheet. Each row will contain information for a specific campaign and ad group. All campaigns must be in the same campaign group.
  • When entering multiple values, use commas to separate each. For example, if you wanted to set a campaign to run in the U.S., Italy, and Greece, you would enter the values US, IT, GR in the Countries or Regions column for the campaign.
  • All monetary data, such as daily budget and bid amounts, will use the currency set for your Apple Search Ads account. Note that cost-per-tap (CPT) pricing appears as CPC, or cost-per-click, in the Pricing Model column.
  • When formatting dates and times for campaign or ad group start or end dates and times, use year-month-day and hour-minute-second formatting: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Dates and times will use the same time zone set for your Apple Search Ads account.
  • If you want your ads to run only on certain days of the week or at certain times, you can enter times in the Dayparting column. Numbers should range from 0 to 167, representing the hours of a week beginning at Sunday 12:00 a.m. So if, for example, you wanted your ads to appear on the App Store on Fridays starting at 6:00 p.m. and run until Saturdays at 2:00 a.m., you would enter 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146.
  • Adjusting any audience settings in your ad groups will automatically exclude customers with Personalized Ads turned Off. This will limit the number of customers who see your ads on the App Store.
  • You can use the Include Returning Users and Exclude Returning Users columns in the template to focus your ad group on specific audience types. Here’s how:

    All users: Leave cells in both the Include Returning Users and Exclude Returning Users columns blank in your spreadsheet.

    New users: In the Exclude Returning Users column, enter the app ID of the app featured in your campaign.

    Returning users: In the Include Returning Users column, enter the app ID of the app featured in your campaign.

    Users of my other apps: In the Include Returning Users column, enter the app IDs of any of your other apps. Ads in your campaign will be shown to users of those apps, allowing you to cross-promote your products.

To manage campaigns and pull reports programmatically, consider using the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API.