Set up an account

Get started from the Apple
Search Ads website

  1. Click the Start button on either the Apple Search Ads Advanced or Basic page, depending on which solution you want to use.
  2. Sign in using the Apple ID associated with your App Store Connect account.
  3. Choose your language and date/time format preference.
  4. Fill in your account settings and business information:
    • Account name
    • Country or region
    • The currency you wish to pay in
    • Time zone
    • Legal entity name
    • Whether you’re acting as an agent
    • The primary contact (you can add another user later)
    • Your email notifications preference
  5. Accept the Apple Advertising Services Terms of Service.
  6. Complete the Business Details page with tax information.
  7. Set up your payment method.

Note that once you set the time zone and currency for your account, you cannot change them. Billing will be based on UTC, rather than the time zone you select.

If you begin creating an Apple Search Ads Advanced account and try to switch to Basic before you’re done, you’ll encounter an error. You’ll need to finish creating your Advanced account — and link it to your App Store Connect account — before you can switch to Apple Search Ads Basic.

If you want to create an
agency account

If you plan to promote third-party apps, your Apple Search Ads account needs to be set up as an agency account. If you’re an agency, please contact us using an email address that shares the same domain as your agency’s website. Once you have an Apple Search Ads account, this email will also need to be included as a user on the account.

Your account should be set up by the legal entity that’s invoiced by Apple for all Apple Search Ads Advanced campaigns (and campaign groups) in the account. Don’t create a campaign group if you’re an agency whose client wants to own their account or be billed directly. If your client would like to be invoiced directly, they should create their own Apple Search Ads account and invite you as a user. Note that the agency setup process can take time and isn’t guaranteed.

Understand the Business
Details page

The Business Details page in your account contains key information about your company and is used to determine your tax status. After completing the Business Details page during account setup, you can access and make changes to it in your Account Settings any time.

The Business Details page includes:

Legal entity name
The registered name of your business as written in incorporation documents and/or tax returns.

Business entity status
When asked whether you’re a business entity, you’ll select Yes if your company is a business, organization, partnership, or educational/government institution. If you’re a sole proprietor, you’ll select No.

Tax ID
This is your tax ID number as it appears on the relevant tax registration certificate for your business. It may include but isn’t limited to:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) ID (including the two-letter EU member state code at the beginning, if applicable)

  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) ID

The address where your business is legally registered and where you’re considered a tax resident. In many cases, this will be the address where your business’s main corporate office, headquarters, or principal business is located, or the address that your business lists on official company letterhead.

Tax exemption (U.S. and Canada only)
If you’re declaring tax exemption, you’ll need to complete an application process through Avalara and verify your tax-exempt status. Once approved, you’ll receive a tax-exemption certificate ID, which you’ll need to enter back on the Business Details page of your account.

Learn more about tax exemption

Access the Documents page

If you run app promotions or campaigns on the App Store in mainland China, you’ll use the Documents page to submit your app and business for approval and check the status of your request. As part of your submission, you may need to upload business licenses and other relevant documents. Like the Business Details page, you can access the Documents page within your Account Settings. Note that the Documents page will only appear in your Account Settings after you’ve added mainland China to an app promotion or campaign.

Learn more about advertising in mainland China