Structure your account

Create a structure in Apple Search Ads Advanced that supports user access needs and campaign locations

If you manage a handful of campaigns and don’t need to assign different levels of access or user permissions across them, you can easily create and manage your campaigns under your Apple Search Ads Advanced account.

If you’re an agency that manages Apple Search Ads for multiple clients, or if you need to restrict user access to a subset of your campaigns, then create campaign groups under your account and manage each set of campaigns in a different campaign group.

If you advertise in more than one country or region, you can separate your campaigns by location or run a single campaign across multiple countries and regions. We would recommend that you:

  • Focus campaigns on individual countries or regions when dealing with larger markets that require a dedicated budget or have distinct goals. An individually focused campaign would also be appropriate when trying to understand the value of a specific country or region.

  • Group multiple countries and regions in one campaign if they have similar goals or share attributes like customer value, language, or regional sales or financial centers. Including them in one campaign will simplify ad and spending management.

Tip: Align setup and invoicing.

Your account should be set up by the legal entity that is invoiced by Apple for all Apple Search Ads Advanced campaigns (and campaign groups) in that account. Note that if you’re qualified to be billed by monthly invoicing, your line of credit will be associated with your entire account.

If you’re an agency, don’t create a campaign group if your client wants to own their account or be billed directly.

Understand campaign groups

Campaign groups can include one or more campaigns, and are useful for agencies managing multiple clients. You can create campaign groups from the menu associated with your account name in the upper-left corner of your Accounts page or Campaigns dashboard. When creating a campaign group, you may either enter your client’s information or use the information from your account.

How to add campaign groups

  1. Click your account name to open the menu.
  2. Click the button to go to the Create Campaign Group page.
  3. Enter the requested information. (You can also use your account information to populate these fields.)