Tips for solving performance issues

If you’re not seeing impressions on your
App Store campaigns

Many factors can affect whether your ads receive impressions, including relevancy, max CPT bid amount compared with your competitors, and — for search results campaigns — the number of times customers on the App Store search for apps like yours.

Impressions aren’t guaranteed, but you can do a few things to improve your chances:

  • Increase your maximum cost-per-tap (max CPT) bid.
    Many developers raise it gradually while monitoring results. For search results bids, you can refer to suggested bids on the Recommendations page as guides.
  • Reach all eligible users.
    Instead of modifying settings to show your ad to specific audiences only, leave optimizations set to reach all eligible users. Your ad will display to a broader audience, helping you drive impressions.

    Learn more about audience settings

For search results campaigns, you may also want to:

  • Turn on Search Match.

    Turn on Search Match.
This will enable automatic search term matching for your ad group.
  • Analyze Search Match results.

    Doing so can help you identify search terms that are performing well. Once you know which terms work, add them as keywords at a higher max CPT bid.
  • Check your cost-per-aquisition (CPA) cap.
    If you set your CPA cap too low or below your max CPT bid, you may miss out on valuable impressions and conversions.