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Our Approach

Advertising that works for everyone.

We offer an advertising platform built on the foundation of safety and trust that Apple is known for. A place where people can find what they care about, and advertisers of all sizes can grow their business.

A platform
people trust.

Your customers can discover, download, play,
and subscribe. Safely.


We don’t buy or share people’s personal information with other companies. We don’t allow targeting of individuals, and we’ve designed our platform to minimize the amount of data used to deliver relevant ads. Learn more about our approach to privacy.

Transparency and control

Ads are clearly marked and transparent about the segments and other information used to serve the ad. And we present people with a clear and prominent choice of whether they want to receive personalized ads.


All content is reviewed against strict guidelines. We don’t serve ads with prohibited content, we don’t serve personalized ads to minors, and we only serve ads for apps rated 17+ to appropriately aged users.

A platform advertisers trust.

We integrate your brand seamlessly into the premium
environment of the App Store and you only
pay for performance.

Brand safe

App Store content is reviewed using safety, performance, business, design, and legal guidelines — so you know that your ads will appear next to quality, trustworthy content.

Thoughtful placement

Reach customers throughout their App Store journey with a variety of ad placement options, all carefully integrated into the App Store user experience.

Spend on your terms

Spend as little or as much as you want, and stop or start anytime. And with a cost-per-tap pricing model, you only pay when someone taps your ad.

A platform
that delivers.

We help you tap into the intent that motivates every visit to the App Store — increasing your visibility, while delivering high conversion rates and valuable downloads to drive your business.

60 % conversion rate for an ad in search results.

High conversion rates

We prioritize ad relevance to drive high conversion rates. For example, in search results, we match your ad with customers based on a direct signal of their
intent — their search
term — delivering an average conversion rate of over 60%.2

Industry-leading results

See an increase in downloads, retention, return on ad
spend, and more. Explore proven customer results
and find
out how ad placements across the
App Store can pay off.

50% higher return on ad spend than similar platforms.
30% higher conversion rate for subscription trial than similar platforms.
20% lower cost-per-acquisition than similar platforms.
23% higher conversion rate for ad variations than default ad.

3X global user growth with Apple Search Ads in six months.
30% higher install-to-trial rates compared to similar channels.
8% higher user retention compared to similar channels.

2.4X higher revenue per install compared with similar ad platforms.
1.5X higher day seven ROAS compared with similar ad platforms.
1.4X higher retention compared with similar ad platforms.
40% lower cost-per-install compared with similar ad platforms.

14% increase in downloads year over year from Apple Search Ads.
30% more impressions year over year.
19% increase in new subscription revenue.
52% increase in tap-through rate on search results campaigns.
Apple Search Ads Advanced

Start your

Apple Search Ads Advanced gives you easy and flexible
campaign management
options and a variety of ad placements
designed to drive visibility and
downloads of your app. Try it for
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