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Advertising that works
for everyone.

Our approach is simple: to provide a platform where people can find what they care about and advertisers can grow their business. 

Personal relevance guides us. We work hard to match the products and services you offer with the interests and intentions of customers. Our intelligent technology delivers industry-leading results at a price you choose.

We provide strong safeguards against fraud to help you achieve real results. And we display your ads within brand safe content while providing transparency and control to users. We do all of this with privacy built in, so that customers feel safe engaging with your brand.

Brand Safety

Your reputation.

Every app on the App Store is reviewed using safety, performance, business,
design, and legal guidelines. This provides a safe experience for users and a
reliable environment for advertisers.

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Audience Authentication

Actual customers.
Real results.

Apple’s seamless integration of hardware, software, and services allows us to
provide strong safeguards against advertising fraud, protecting your
investment while delivering results you can trust.

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Not intrusions.

Apple believes that advertising can help people discover apps, products, and services while respecting user privacy.

Apple Search Ads has been built from the ground up to protect customers’ information. We offer intelligent technology that lets you measure impact, while giving people choice over how we use their information for advertising.

Learn more about our approach to privacy
Customer searching for an app on the App Store
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