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Realize your market-leading potential. Redbox takes a consultative path to App Store success, applying creative expertise, human insight, and machine-learning automation to achieve maximum Apple Search Ads value.
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30% increase in TTR from custom product page use.1
Acquire more users effortlessly. helps you lower acquisition costs with AI-powered campaign automation tools. Scale campaigns with smart bidding, competitor insights, and custom product page solutions.
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84% less time spent
managing campaigns.2
Automate and optimize campaigns at scale. SplitMetrics offers advanced automation, smart optimization, custom product page design and launch, competitor insights, and data-driven market trends to grow ROI easier and faster.
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100% ROAS growth.3

Campaign Management

Save time and improve performance with help from
an expert.

Intelligence to work smarter and perform better. Powered by AI-driven bid optimization and campaign management, Marin’s platform delivers time-saving automation and robust functionality to maximize app downloads and share of voice.
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30% improvement in CPI with Marin Bidding.4
Maximize ROI with minimum effort. Skai provides powerful automation, optimization, and reporting capabilities to drive more installs and generate better ROI from your campaigns.
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41% lower cost per
acquisition on average.5
Drive growth and scale through machine learning. UNICORN accelerates the efficiency and performance of automated bid optimization through machine learning, which processes granular data at a speed exceeding workforce capabilities.
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10x more downloads from
non-brand keywords.6