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Babbel boosts ad performance.

Babbel ad on the App Store

Through lessons, games, podcasts, and more, Babbel helps foreign language learners engage in real-world conversations. The education app increased conversions and boosted efficiency with Apple   Search Ads by making more relevant ad variations that aligned creative to specific searches.

The Results

20% higher tap-through rate for ad variations than default ad.
10% higher conversion rate for ad variations than default ad.

The Challenge

As a well-established leader in a rapidly evolving category, Babbel wanted to maximize customer acquisition and scale revenue globally. The team at Babbel needed to drive awareness for their broadened product offering as well as differentiate their learning tools from the competition. Capturing strong intent from potential customers searching on the App Store would be critical to driving return on ad spend, improving overall efficiency, and staying competitive.

With ad variations, we can directly match creative with customer intent and show potential subscribers exactly what they’re searching for on the App Store — boosting our ad relevance and
our conversions.

The Solution

Expand keyword coverage to engage new audiences.

The team at Babbel set up their campaign structure to maximize performance and scale. With a brand campaign, they captured strong intent for their company name and brand terms. A discovery campaign with Search Match helped the team find new, relevant search terms, automatically expanding keyword coverage and gaining valuable insights into search trends.


“Apple Search Ads is one of our best marketing channels, consistently delivering volume, scaling our growth, and tapping into audiences we wouldn’t have access to otherwise,” says Babbel Growth Marketing Manager Michael Cadenas.

Engage the right customers with relevant ads.

To improve ad relevancy for key audiences, the Babbel team made ad variations based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect. These custom ads aligned creative with keyword themes related to specific languages, making Babbel’s ads more relevant to learners interested in that particular language. Potential customers who tapped the Babbel ads landed on a custom product page that mirrored the ad creative — creating a seamless experience.


“We strive to create frictionless experiences. With ad variations, we can match what is in our ad to what a customer is looking for on the App Store. They can understand immediately that our app is relevant for their needs and can deliver exactly what they want,” says Cadenas. In fact, ad variations increased tap-through rate for Babbel by 20 percent, while conversion rate was 10 percent higher than the default ad.  

Company Snapshot

  • Babbel GmbH
  • Education
  • Launched in 2008
  • Based in Berlin, Germany
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