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Shoppers enjoy cash back.
Cashrewards scales seasonal growth.

Cashrewards ad on the App Store

Shoppers save on their purchases with Cashrewards while giving back to children in need through the Starlight Foundation. During Black Friday, the shopping app boosted brand impressions and creative relevancy to drive more cost-efficient customer acquisition with Apple Search Ads campaigns across the Today tab1, the Search tab, product pages, and search results.

The Results

#1 app marketing platform driving new member sign-ups over six-month period.
136% increase in installs week over week with multi-placement Black Friday campaign.
140% increase in impressions in brand campaign after running Today tab ads during Black Friday.
179% increase in taps in brand campaign after running Today tab ads during Black Friday.

The Challenge

The Cashrewards team wanted to raise app visibility with shoppers leading up to Black Friday. To stay competitive during their busiest season, the team needed to capture the attention of potential customers on the App Store at every step of their journey, from consideration to install. Additionally, driving cost efficiency and return on investment would be critical for the success of the app’s full-funnel approach to their brand repositioning campaign.

Search results campaigns drive performance and capture conversions while ads on the Today tab, Search tab, and product page help you move up the funnel as well, driving valuable awareness and consideration for key brand or seasonal moments.

The Solution

Improve ad relevancy to capture increased seasonal demand.

To better connect with a range of potential Black Friday customers, the Cashrewards team updated their custom product pages in App Store Connect, adding different app previews, screenshots, and promotional text beyond their default product page. They tested creative highlighting seasonality and brand messaging with a strong call to action. The team aligned ad variations based on these custom product pages with high-performing seasonal keyword ad groups, increasing relevancy and urgency for people interested in savings and cash back during the busiest shopping season. 


“With ad variations, we can deliver a cohesive experience for our customers by aligning creative seamlessly across channels — from out-of-home to digital ads,” says Cashrewards Head of Shopper Marketing Karlien McLeod. “We were able to test seasonal messaging without impacting our business-as-usual ads, gaining valuable insights on what creative most resonates and drives a more qualified lead.”

Extend reach to more customers with ads on the Today tab and Search tab.

With a Today tab ad, the team at Cashrewards also placed their brand prominently on the front page of the App Store — making it some of the first content that people see when they begin their App Store visit. Developed with ad creative based on custom product pages, the Today tab ads featured distinctive brand colors and a clear hierarchy of messaging to highlight a seasonal moment. To further boost brand awareness with a broad audience before customers narrowed in on a search, the Cashrewards team invested in ads on the Search tab, which are featured at the top of the suggested apps list. 


The team also used ads on the product page to connect with users who have scrolled to the bottom of relevant product pages, actively researching apps and getting information to help them decide whether to download. “The high visibility of ads on the Today tab reinforced our Cashrewards branding, while ads on the product page and Search tab offered a new opportunity to engage people at the top of the funnel and keep our app top of mind,” says McLeod. “These ads helped to increase our brand presence and awareness, delivering cost-effective impressions and taps.” 

Drive scale with keyword optimization.

Search results campaigns helped the Cashrewards team capture strong intent on the App Store. They separated these Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword theme: brand, discovery, competitive, and category. In preparation for spikes in interest around shopping during Black Friday, the team added seasonal keywords, discovering new relevant search terms with a high conversion rate and low cost-per-tap. 


By monitoring campaigns closely at the keyword level, the team optimized for efficiency and increased bidding on the most relevant terms, unlocking additional scale. “While running Today tab, Search tab, product page, and search results campaigns, paid installs increased by 136 percent and organic installs increased by 163 percent during Black Friday,” says McLeod. “Taking a full-funnel approach to our paid campaigns during this critical retail period complemented our organic results and drove significant cumulative growth.” 

Company Snapshot

  • Cashrewards
  • Shopping category
  • Launched in 2014
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
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