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Daily Yoga ad on the App Store
With Daily Yoga’s video courses, subscribers can practice yoga anywhere at any time. Based in China, the developer of the health and fitness app leveraged Apple Search Ads to scale growth to new markets while improving purchase and retention rates.

The Results

20% of scale from iOS comes from Apple Search Ads.
8% higher purchase rate compared to other ad platforms.
2x higher retention rate compared to other ad platforms.

The Challenge

To drive subscriber acquisition, the team at Daily Yoga wanted to enter new markets efficiently and increase high-quality conversions. Localizing their strategy would be critical to this global expansion. The Daily Yoga team also needed to capture strong intent from prospective subscribers searching on the App Store for yoga, wellness, and fitness content.

Apple Search Ads helped our business grow by driving high-quality acquisition and improving post-install rates such as retention significantly.

The Solution

Localize strategy to drive expansion.

With Apple Search Ads, the team at Daily Yoga leveraged Search Match to quickly surface new relevant keywords in each market they entered, reaching the widest audience possible. Competitive and category keyword campaigns also helped increase app discovery by people interested in similar apps. Separating campaigns by market made it easier for the team to understand regional search term nuances and optimize for performance.
“We always invest in Apple Search Ads to test different keywords in a new country or region and add the same keywords to other markets to compare the performance, ”says Daily Yoga Co-founder and COO Stephen Wang, “We can quickly see if exact match or broad match performs better, and then we use conversion rate as well as average cost-per-acquisition to decide what markets to focus on.”

Optimize bidding to drive efficiency.

By monitoring tap-through rate and conversion rate at the keyword level daily, the Daily Yoga team optimized bidding on their Apple Search Ads campaign. For keywords with better conversions and lower overall cost-per-acquisition, they adjusted bids to maximize impressions. They lowered bids or paused keywords with low conversions and high overall spend.
“With personalized recommendations in our account, we gained incredibly useful insights into suggested bid range1 and daily caps2 that helped us more effectively increase the likelihood of our ads showing and driving success in over 60 markets,” says Wang.

Gain insights to inform product and organic optimization.

Apple Search Ads also provided keyword and regional insights that the Daily Yoga product team used to create content as well as inform marketing across in-app events and other channels. Findings from Apple Search Ads were also used to optimize their App Store product page, helping drive incremental organic growth. “The quality of user acquisition from Apple Search Ads is higher than the quality from other ad platforms and is the closest to organic downloads. So overall it helped us grow our audience as well as improve return on investment,” says Wang.

Company Snapshot

  • Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Limited.
  • Health & Fitness category
  • Launched in 2012
  • Based in Xi’an, China
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