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doda connects people across Japan with jobs and referral services from career advisors. With keyword and bidding optimization on Apple Search Ads, doda and their agency, CyberAgent, boosted conversions by 5x and increased reach with younger customers.

The Results

4x growth in download volume in first six months.
5x better conversion rate (install to registration) compared to similar platforms.
15% better cost-per-install with bidding optimization.

The Challenge

The doda team initially invested in traditional online acquisition channels, driving customer registrations exclusively on their website. But they needed to find additional channels to increase brand awareness with younger audiences who represent the majority of Japan’s job seekers. With the help of CyberAgent, doda broadened their marketing strategy to include promoting their app and attracting younger prospects actively searching for jobs on mobile.

Install growth, cost efficiency, and audience quality all exceeded our expectations. Apple Search Ads
delivered strong revenue and became our top
channel for conversions.

The Solution

Reach engaged prospects by optimizing for intent.

The doda team structured Apple Search Ads campaigns by brand, category, competitive, and discovery keywords to more easily monitor and optimize results. They actively tracked performance at the keyword level and gained valuable insights about reaching a younger demographic than the audience for their other online channels. Recommendations within Apple Search Ads also helped the team optimize bidding for high-opportunity keywords, increasing the likelihood of doda’s ads showing for the most relevant searches. 


“Apple Search Ads quickly became more efficient than other online ad platforms in driving user acquisition and improving return on ad spend,” says doda App Ads Manager Satoshi Akagi. “The quality of the audience was higher and we were reaching younger people, which broadened our customer base.”

Gain insights and save time with API integration.

To save time and effort, doda’s agency used the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API to create daily performance reports and set up automated bid management. One report revealed that acquisition efficiency is particularly high during evening and late-night hours, presumably when people search for new jobs at home. The doda team and CyberAgent adjusted their strategy based on this insight, increasing bidding at particular times of day. 


“When we optimized our bidding approach by time of day, we were able to improve cost-per-install by about 15 percent while also increasing the number of installs,” says CyberAgent Apple Search Ads Department Chief Consultant Shingo Sato.


With granular, ongoing optimization of keywords and bidding, Apple Search Ads became doda’s best channel for driving conversions and one of the top channels for return on ad spend.

Company Snapshot

  • Business category
  • Launched in 1989
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
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