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Facetune ad on the App Store

With Facetune’s presets, filters, and AI-powered features, customers can infuse personality and imagination into every selfie and social post. The photo and video app expanded keyword coverage and improved ad relevancy for different audiences with Apple Search Ads to maximize global customer growth and capture increased
seasonal demand.

The Results

45% higher tap-through rate for ad variations than default ad.
8% higher conversion rate for ad variations than default ad.
15% decrease in cost-per-install for ad variations than default ad.
50% increase in downloads from Apple Search Ads since 
running custom product pages.

The Challenge

To scale efficient customer acquisition globally, the Facetune team needed to capture high intent on the App Store. They wanted to maintain strong brand awareness and stay competitive across markets with diverse audiences. In an increasingly crowded category, differentiating their app’s unique features would be critical to maximizing subscriber growth, especially during key peaks in seasonal demand.

In addition to increasing brand awareness,
Apple Search Ads helped highlight the value of our app to relevant audiences with customized creative, driving higher customer engagement, more conversions, and significant install growth around
the world.

The Solution

Expand keyword coverage and leverage optimization insights to scale reach.

With Apple Search Ads keyword campaigns, the Facetune team increased visibility on the App Store with potential customers actively searching for photo and video editing apps. With brand campaigns, they captured strong intent for the app’s name. Across different markets, discovery campaigns with Search Match helped the team find new relevant keywords for each country or region, automatically expanding keyword coverage and reaching new audiences. The team also moved high-performing keywords from discovery campaigns into exact match to maximize impressions and optimize bidding.


Keyword insights that the Facetune team discovered through Apple Search Ads also directly informed their strategies across App Store optimization, market prioritization, feature development, and marketing. “Apple Search Ads has been a vital way to quickly learn which markets show the strongest intent so we can invest budget accordingly,” says Lightricks Apple Search Ads Lead Noam Perlman. “We also use these keyword insights to put more effort into developing those app features and highlighting them within the app, increasing the value customers get from our services — which is always our goal.”

Boost ad relevancy with custom product pages.

To better highlight specific app features for different audiences, the Facetune team developed ad variations for search results campaigns. Based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect, these customized ads highlighted the unique capabilities of specific features across multiple screens. For example, ad variations spotlighting the ability to change hair color in a photo were aligned to top-performing keywords related to “hair color changer.” The team also tested the order of screenshots, placing the most relevant feature to the customer’s search first in the sequence.


Potential customers who tapped these ads landed on a custom product page with the relevant ad creative highlighting core product capabilities — offering audiences a seamless experience. “Custom product pages created a more tailored customer experience, matching our ad to the customer’s intent and showcasing our brand's added value in response to the customer’s search,” says Perlman. “By improving the relevancy of our Apple Search Ads, we saw great results, including higher customer engagement and increased app conversions.”

Capture increased seasonal interest with more relevant ads.

With demand for photo and video apps peaking during holidays like Halloween and Christmas, the Facetune team wanted to capture this increased category interest on the App Store. To stay competitive and optimize performance in the days leading up to these holidays, they tested ad variations that featured seasonal messaging and creative elements like cobwebs or snowflakes. They aligned top features highlighted in the ads with relevant search terms. The best-performing Halloween ad variation drove an install rate uplift of 22 percent compared with the previous year.


“With custom product pages, our customers understand from the start of their search journey that our app is relevant for their needs and can deliver not only what they want, but much more,” says Perlman. “Apple Search Ads is a fundamental and ‘always on’ direct marketing channel for us because it helps fulfill existing demand, capture seasonal interest, and drive ongoing, efficient expansion globally.”

Company Snapshot

  • Lightricks
  • Photo & Video category
  • Launched in 2013
  • Based in Jerusalem, Israel
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