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foodpanda customers get fresh food and daily essentials delivered to their doorstep. With Apple Search Ads, developer of the food and drink app Delivery Hero maximized impressions and downloads while improving acquisition costs.

The Results

20% incremental app downloads after running Apple
Search Ads.
18% average lower cost per acquisition compared with similar platforms.
38% increase in new user acquisition after running ads on the Search tab.

The Challenge

To accelerate growth and remain competitive across diverse Asian Pacific markets, the team at foodpanda wanted to maximize app visibility on the App Store. They needed to capture strong intent from searches for delivery of food and other essentials. Improving cost-efficiency while driving acquisition of new customers was also key.

Apple Search Ads is a game changer for our business and core performance driver, helping us reach new and returning customers showing
strong intent.

The Solution

Structure your account for success.

The foodpanda team separated Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword theme to scale impressions to new audiences and easily measure performance by country. A discovery campaign with Search Match helped with keyword expansion by mining for local nuances in popular, relevant search terms. A brand campaign captured searches for keywords related to their app and company name. Category and competitive campaigns focused on keywords related to similar types of apps and the app genre (delivery, different cuisines, etc.).


“With Apple Search Ads, account structure is key to success,” says Delivery Hero Global Head of SEM Kate Syrmakesi. “Grouping by keyword theme allows us to understand performance by market separately and take insightful action on bidding.” The best performing keywords from discovery campaigns were moved to brand, competitive, and category campaigns as exact match with aggressive bids to maximize impressions. The team found brand campaigns drove the most downloads followed by competitive campaigns.

Increase reach and visibility with ads on the
Search tab.

The foodpanda team also invested in ad placements on the Search tab to expand exposure and influence customers when they’re in the mindset to search for an app to  download. Featured at the top of the suggested apps list, ads on the Search tab helped reach a broad audience before they narrowed in on a search. In fact, ad placements on the Search tab increased iOS acquisition in Thailand and Hong Kong by 50 percent within two months.


“Being featured in the prominent position on the Search tab brings a huge benefit to our brand, keeping us top of mind while boosting incremental new user acquisitions,” says Syrmakesi. “Search results campaigns combined with ads on the Search tab are a valuable combination of pull and push marketing in one channel.” 

Reintroduce your app to former customers.

To reengage lapsed customers, the foodpanda team created a separate campaign for returning users. They improved ad relevancy for this audience by updating app previews and videos from their App Store product page with messaging appealing to customers who had previously downloaded the app.  “Redownloads can drive strong volume that you can’t overlook,” says Delivery Hero Head of SEM APAC Gokhan Reisoglu. “It’s also been a huge benefit for our efficiency to be able to bid differently for new and returning customers.”

Company Snapshot

  • Delivery Hero
  • Food & Drink category
  • Launched in 2012
  • Based in Berlin, Germany
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