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People cook delicious,
easy meals.
HelloFresh boosts creative relevancy.

HelloFresh ad on the App Store

HelloFresh delivers step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients to customers, making mealtimes easier and more delicious. The meal kit app boosted customer growth in new markets with Apple Search Ads while optimizing ad relevancy and creative alignment
across channels.

The Results

42% higher tap-through rate for ad variations than default ad.
9% higher conversion rate for ad variations than
default ad.
24% lower cost-per-install for ad variations than
default ad.

The Challenge

Faced with growing competition globally, the team at HelloFresh wanted to increase app visibility with potential subscribers showing intent on the App Store. To maintain their leadership position and scale high-quality acquisition to new markets, they needed to connect the right offer to the right people at the right moment. Optimizing for efficiency would also be key to driving continued expansion, better cross-channel alignment, and strong return on investment.

We tripled investment in Apple Search Ads because custom product pages allowed us to better customize our ads to address the needs of different audiences, as well as improve creative alignment across all our channels to
drive performance

The Solution

Understand new markets and drive expansion.

To better understand local nuances, the team created separate Apple Search Ads campaigns for every market. A discovery campaign with Search Match helped find new, relevant search terms specific to a country or region, automatically expanding keyword coverage. “We test every keyword in every one of our nearly two dozen markets, never taking for granted that what works in one will work in others,” says HelloFresh App Paid Acquisition Team Lead Eugenio Fasano. “Apple Search Ads helps maximize our brand presence on the App Store to connect with as many customers as possible in a very efficient manner.”


By closely monitoring Apple Search Ads campaigns at the keyword level, the HelloFresh team was able to improve cost efficiency while staying competitive. They adjusted bids on the best-performing search terms to maximize impressions and conversions. “With Apple Search Ads, we gain useful insights into customer needs, helping us move into new markets more quickly, localize our strategy, and even launch new products,” says HelloFresh Associate Director of Search Javier Sagastagoitia.

Improve ad relevancy and alignment across channels.

Focused on accelerating scale and aligning creative messaging across platforms, the HelloFresh team made ad variations based on custom product pages they set up in App Store Connect. With these custom ads, they highlighted the discount offers and vouchers also featured in their online, television, and out-of-home ads, driving a sense of urgency for potential customers on the App Store. “Alignment across markets and channels is critical to our marketing success. Ad variations gave us the flexibility to show people on the App Store the same discount that they were seeing across platforms, improving the consistency of the user journey and our campaign performance,” says Sagastagoitia. 


When potential customers tapped the HelloFresh ad, they landed on a custom product page that matched the ad creative — creating a seamless experience. “With ad variations, our Apple Search Ads could speak a common language with all our other paid campaigns, aligning our brand’s overall marketing strategy to improve performance,” says Fasano. In fact, conversion rates were 9 percent higher for ad variations than the default ad.  

Company Snapshot

  • HelloFresh SE
  • Food and Drink category
  • Launched in 2011
  • Based in Berlin, Germany
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